This is an update to my previous blog “Let’s Vote for a Poverty Free Ontario”: New Date for Election Sign Blitz is September 15, 2011.

Sign Blitz Campaign: “Let’s Vote for a Poverty Free Ontario” Election Sign 

“Let’s Vote for a Poverty Free Ontario”: New Date for Election “Sign Blitz” is September 15, 2011

“Let’s Vote for a Poverty Free Ontario” Election Sign Blitz September 15

ISARC (Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition) is requesting the support of local faith communities to participate in a sign blitz campaign by displaying a “Let’s Vote for a Poverty Free Ontario” election sign on the lawns of their respective places of worship on September 15, 2011.

Signs are being printed in Toronto and will be ready for delivery.  Please contact us at if you require additional signs for your community or more details on how to print them locally.  This initiative is a partnership with the Social Planning Network of Ontario.

Sign Blitz – Media Events

On September 15, 2011, all the faith communities participating in the sign blitz across Ontario will be holding local media conferences to advocate for poverty issues to be taken seriously by the politicians running for provincial offices.  Please refer to our website for resources on how to put together a media release for this event.  Check out our website for a media release template.

All Party Debate on Poverty

ISARC is calling on the four major political parties to participate in a debate on poverty issues. Contact your local representatives and ask them to take part in a debate in your community and urge the party leaders to do so, as well.”

Please click here for info on upcoming events in September, including:


An informational pamphlet has been developed in partnership with Social Planning Network of Ontario on poverty-related issues to ensure income support systems help people to get out of poverty and find sustainable, meaningful employment.  Hard copies of the pamphlet are available for distribution.  Please contact us at if your community requires pamphlets.”


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