What are you being today?

Being Green! Being Environmentally Friendly!


James Cameron, the movie director of  ‘Avatar’, was being a green genius in the making of his Hollywood  masterpiece.  We give him our heart-felt applause and accolade for his 3-D movie, Avatar, which took him more than 10 years to produce.

‘Avatar’ is an awesome declaration that Green rules.  One of the take-home messages is if we mess with mother nature, especially the environment, then we become the losers in the end.

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What are you being today?

Being Green! Being Environmentally Friendly!

Our Green Kudos goes to The Living Christmas Company in Los Angeles, California, U.S.  for being a green caring company that keeps Christmas trees alive and upholds the value of  “Christmas without waste.”  Scott Martin, the founder, merrily provides an environmentally friendly service to bring live trees to your home and/or business. Both delivery and pick-up services  are free of charge. Here is an amazing array of The Living Christmas Company’s responsibilities to our environment:

  • raising awareness of the general public to switch from artificial and cut trees to an environmentally friendly alternative: living trees
  • living trees significantly improve indoor safety because they are less flammable than either cut trees or plastic trees
  • living trees help produce a positive indoor air quality
  • delivery trucks run on Bio Diesel fuel
  • you can watch your tree grow (up to 6 annual rental times) until it’s too big
  • overgrown Christmas trees eventually become part of an Urban Reforestation Project earning Carbon Tax Credits

The Sky's the Limit
Creative Commons License photo credit: SmilingSunflower

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Roman Shade

Did you know…?

The U.S.  Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC) and Health Canada announced a voluntary recall to repair all roll-up blinds and Roman shades. which pose a potential strangulation hazard to young children.


  • Canadians may obtain a free retrofit kit for Roman style fabric looped and flat panel shades and roll up blinds online from the WCSC at  www.windowcoverings.org (English only) or
  • by calling WCSC  toll-free phone line at 1-800-506-4636.
  • Health Canada:  (613) 957-2991 or 1-866 225-070 or by visiting the Health Canada Web site

United States:

  • contact the Window Covering Safety Council for a free repair kit at (800) 506-4636 anytime or
  • visit www.windowcoverings.org
  • CPSC Recall Hotline: (800) 638-2772

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Did you know…?

Health Canada reports that your children may be at risk of adverse health consequences if they consume the unapproved or unauthorized Chaotic Beverages. Four products were pulled off the shelves in the stores across Canada. These drinks are connected to a trading card game, animated TV series and Web site.

Company: Canadian importer, U&ME Marketing

Products: The four brand names are Mind Strike, Fearocity, Elixir of Tenacity and Power Pulse; all four products were sold individually and in packages of 4 in various retailers across Canada

Reason for Recall: Canadians should not consume these unapproved products, as they have not been assessed for safety, quality and efficacy by Health Canada

Adverse Reactions: potential to cause temporary adverse reactions in children; specific info about the problems of the ingredients of each product is found at http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/ahc-asc/media/advisories-avis/_2009/2009_180-eng.php

Health Canada advises that you should speak to your health care professional if you have any concerns about your health or the health of your child from drinking these products.

For more info: http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/ahc-asc/media/advisories-avis/_2009/2009_180-eng.php

What’s happening here in your sphere?

If you live in Indiana, U.S., pregnant women will benefit from the “One Test, Two Lives – Prevent HIV Indiana” – a statewide campaign designed to

  • “improve clinical practices to prevent mother-to-baby HIV transmission and ensure all women are tested for HIV early in their pregnancy”
  • newborns will also benefit because “with appropriate interventions including medications for the mother, choice of best delivery method and treatment of the infant after birth, transmission rates can be decreased to 1-2 percent”
  • also, ” materials will be provided to patients to encourage universal voluntary prenatal testing for HIV”
  • empower women who have HIV before getting pregnant by providing them the means to be proactive in planning based on the doctors’ “ability to advise which interventions are best suited for their respective condition and situation”

Kudos to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S., for the newly constructed Riley Mother Baby Hospital on the Moi University campus in Eldorat, Kenya, Africa as well as  its very important HIV mission for both hospitals as follows:

“For the future and health of our children, it’s imperative we improve HIV-related health outcomes in Indiana and across the world.”

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Eat cheese and save $$$!

What is sweet is cheese as a good source of protein, and calcium for teeth and bones, especially in growing children and active seniors. And what is loveable is eating cheese and saving a lot of money at the same time.

How? Buy cheese in slabs of 500 grams!

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What is sweet is the upcoming merry-making during the holidays and other celebrations. And what is loveable is showcasing your family and/or friends via the following 5 holiday/celebration creations involving your photos.

1. Create a Family/Friend Photo Poinsetta Centrepiece

The Family/Friend Photo Poinsetta Centrepiece is a picture-perfect decoration in your home for the holidays or other celebrations. Poinsetta provides great colour and amazing aura of celebration for photos of your loved ones such as family members, relatives and friends.

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