You are invited to join the celebration of  the International Animation Day 2010 at the NFB Mediatheque this Thursday, October 28th.

To mark the International Animation Day, the Get Animated! program of the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) is providing, from October 28th – November 7th, a Canada-wide series of free screenings, master classes, and activities for adults, families and children as well as special presentations paired with special appearances of acclaimed directors from your area.

You can watch animated films on the big screen for free. And on International Animation Day, this Thursday at 7 pm, there is the free special presentation of Hothouse in the Third Dimension, the first-ever 3D event at the NFB Mediatheque!


ISARC Forum on Persistent Poverty: Elephants in the Room

This year on November 18th at Queen’s Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, ISARC (Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition) will have a Religious Leaders Forum with the theme of Persistent Poverty: Elephants in the Room. The forum will run from 9:30 am to 3:30 am.

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York Region Food Network Screening of FRESH the Movie

You are invited to York Region Food Network‘s premiere of FRESH, a film which challenges us to think about what we eat. There will be light refreshments and a facilitated discussion about food security in York Region after the film. Be part of the conversation!

New thinking about what we’re eating


A film by Ana Sofia Joanes


Ripple Effect presents “FRESH” Produced
and Directed by ana Sofia joanes

Editor Mona Davis Director of

Photography Valery Lyman

Music David Majzlin

Sound Design Eric Milano Mixing

Tom Paul Poster Design Seltzer Studio


This film has not been rated. All content ©2009
Ripple Effect Productions. All rights reserved

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Kudos to Canada’s Best Karate (in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada) for sponsoring the Kicks for Candy Campaign to fight childhood obesity by promoting physical activity for children in our community.

Canada’s Best Karate is asking for your help to make the children in our community to be more aware of the healthy, active lifestyle.

Obesity had once been a disease only among adults. It is of serious consternation that now obesity even exists among children during their childhood and/or adolescent years. Both Statistics Canada and Canada’s Best Karate provide the following eye-opener info:

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PCRM Ad: "Consequences"

Anti Fast-Food Ad:

Fast food gets the rap for ruining our health as demonstrated by the following PCRM’s (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) new “Consequences” ad, which “takes aim at McDonald’s high-fat menu of  “unhappy meals”; racked up more than 1 million views on YouTube in just days last month.” Please click here to: Watch Ad >

Healthy Alternatives:

What would be healthy alternatives to fast food?

According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine,  a low-fat vegan diet significantly reduces heart disease risk in people with type 2 diabetes in comparison to a diet based on the American Diabetes Association (ADA) guidelines.

So,“these findings should encourage anyone with diabetes to talk to their physician about adopting a vegan diet to manage their disease and reduce the risk of a heart attack,” said lead author Gabrielle M. Turner-McGrievy, M.S., R.D., a doctoral candidate in nutrition at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a nutrition scientist with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

Another healthy alternative to fast food as recommended by PCRM is a vegetarian diet which is naturally low in saturated fat, high in fiber, and full of cancer-protective phytochemicals.  The remarkable health benefits of  vegetarian diets include preventing cancer, preventing heart disease, lowering blood pressure, preventing and reversing diabetes, and reducing one’s chances of forming kidney stones and gallstones.

Anti Fast-Food Recipe: Here is a great PCRM recipe for those who are on a vegetarian diet or vegan diet.

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You are invited to a free exhibition of World Press Photo 10 at Brookfield Place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. World Press Photo 10 is “a traveling exhibition of prize-winning entries assembled by World Press Photo, organizers of the world’s largest and most prestigious annual press photography contest.”

The World Press Photo 10 at Brookfield Place is an exhibition of 167 images captured by international photojournalists. Please click here for a preview of some of these images in this year’s exhibition.

Free Admission, Wheelchair Accessible wheelchair

World Press Photo 10 exhibition dates: October 6 – 28, 2010

World Press Photo 10 exhibition times:

Open 8 am – 10 pm daily (including Sundays)
Closes 6 pm on October 28th

World Press Photo 10 exhibition location:

Allen Lambert Galleria
Brookfield Place
181 Bay Street, Toronto

Please click here to obtain location map/info.

Contact Info:

Tel: 416-369-2300

By the way, for all photojournalists who are interested in participating in the 2011 World Press Photo Contest the starting date for submitting your entries is 1 December 2010. And the deadline for submissions is 13 January 2011, 23:59 Central European Time.

Enjoy the exhibition of the World Press Photo 10!