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See Kurt Browning Being Filmed For CBC on the Natrel Rink

This is the full clip of Kurt Browning skating on the Natrel Rink.

The world recognizes Canadian Kurt Browning as the four-time Canadian figure skating champion and four-time World Champion. Kurt Browning was recently in Toronto at the Natrel Rink of Harbourfront Centre being filmed for CBC.

Here is Harbourfront Centre’s brief interview with Kurt Browning about his tour:


Social Media 2010 Year in Review

In 17 hours from posting this blog, it will be the New Year 2011!

So, let’s pause, gasp and hold our breath momentarily as we review the tremendous depth and breadth of the social media 2010 year. Thanks to, here are the mind-boggling social media stats for 2010:

  • 6.1 trillion text message were sent worldwide
  • over 360 billion pieces of content were shared on Facebook
  • people watched 2 billion videos a day on YouTube
  • in fact, every minute 24 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube
  • the average person spent 1.8 hours online shopping a week
  • the average person spent 4.4 hours on email a week
  • the average person spent 4.6 hours on social sites a week
  • in one month 2.64 billion tweets were sent –
  • that’s 986 tweets per second or
  • over 26 billion tweets per year
  • a person receives 100,566 words in media messages each day

WOW! Does all that make you wonder what the 2011 social media year will be like?

Please click here to see the lovely Happy Holidays’ video of showcasing the above 2010  social media stats.


Community Frugal Crowd Health & Wellness Videos

Mesmerizing Movements: Live Online Web Cam at The Natrel™ Rink/Pond

See what’s happening at Harbourfront Centre (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) during the day via Harbourfront Centre’s NEW online Web cams. They have four web cams:

  • enwave theatre (camera 1, YQC East Entrance)
  • Redpath Stage (camera 2, Ann Tindal Park)
  • Sirius Stage (Camera 3)
  • The Natrel Rink/Pond (camera 4)

Presently, I find the Natrel Rink/Pond to have a mesmerizing effect as its web cam captures the real-time energy-filled, fluid movements of the skaters.

This is great for relaxation during one’s break time or coffee/tea time during the day!

Please click here for the Harbourfront Centre Web Cam at The Natrel Rink/Pond.

I hope you find it to your liking as well.

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Update: Last Truckload of Toronto Garbage Going to Michigan Landfill

The following is an update to our previous blog about the Last Truckload of Toronto Garbage Going to Michigan Landfill.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada News Release

December 30, 2010

Last City of Toronto garbage truck rolls down the highway to Michigan

The City of Toronto is sending its last load of garbage to Michigan today as its waste disposal contract with the Carlton Farms Landfill expires. Effective January 1, 2011, all of Toronto’s waste requiring landfill disposal will go exclusively to the City-owned Green Lane Landfill.

The Green Lane Landfill has been in operation since 1978. In April 2007, the City purchased the site located in Southwold Township in the County of Elgin, southwest of London, about 200 kilometres from downtown Toronto.

Community Health & Wellness Videos

Astounding Interactive Anime Film Against Adolescent Smoking

This is the trailer for the world’s first interactive anime film: Attraction.

Attraction: The world’s first interactive anime

DDB Paris in France creates Attraction, a 10 minute interactive film, to raise awareness about tobacco companies manipulating today’s adolescents. The film, Attraction, can be accessed by clicking the link below.

Here is DDB Paris’ discussion about their creative and technical work to make Attraction, the interactive anime, as well as the campaign against adolescent smoking:

Community Frugal Crowd

Free New Year’s Day Levee and Celebration for Toronto Residents at City Hall

Toronto, Ontario, Canada News Release

December 29, 2010

Mayor and councillors to greet residents at New Year’s Day Levee at Toronto City Hall

Mayor Rob Ford and Toronto City Councillors will host a New Year’s Day Levee in the rotunda of City Hall – an opportunity for them to meet Toronto residents and celebrate the beginning of 2011.

Date: Saturday, January 1
Time: 2 to 4 p.m.
Location: Rotunda, Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen St. W.

The annual New Year’s Day Levee is a tradition in Canada that dates back several centuries to the time of the fur traders of New France.

Community Green

Good-bye to Last Truckload of Toronto Garbage Going to Michigan Landfill

Toronto, Ontario, Canada News Release

December 29, 2010

Last truckload of garbage from Toronto to landfill in Michigan

Tomorrow morning, Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong (Ward 34 Don Valley East), Chair of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee, and Deputy City Manager Richard Butts will be present at the Commissioners Street Transfer Station as the last truckload of garbage bound for Michigan’s Carlton Farms Landfill leaves Toronto.

Starting 1 January 2011, all of Toronto’s waste requiring landfill disposal will go to the City-owned Green Lane Landfill in Elgin County west of Toronto.