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Please Petition Walmart to Sign onto Fire Safety Inspection Program Supported by Bangladeshi to Prevent Tragedies

This video presents “Bangladesh Garment Factory Fire Leaves 112 Dead”:

  • Published on Sunday, Nov 25, 2012
  • Lack of fire exits cause major death toll after fire Saturday evening:

In the following campaign letter, team urges us to:

  • Tell Walmart it must join an independent fire safety inspection program supported by Bangladeshi and international labour unions, to:
    • take responsibility for fire safety conditions in factories

    • change and make improvements in Bangladesh for a safe workplace

    • protect workers throughout its supply chain

    • prevent tragedies like what happened last week as described here by the team:

112 workers died brutal deaths from a massive fire in a Bangladesh textile factory. The emergency exits were locked so they couldn’t escape. Inspectors for Walmart had designated the factory to be “high risk”, but did not enforce greater safety procedures.

Please tell Walmart it must join an independent fire safety inspection program to prevent tragedies like this by clicking on the following banner:
Sign the petition.

  • Please petition Walmart to sign onto the independent fire safety inspection program supported by labor unions and NGOs (nongovernmental organizations) and recently adopted by PVH (owner of Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein) and German retailer Tchibo
  • Help us reach 90,000 signers; at the present time of this blog posting, 89,299 people have signed the petition in the Sum Of Us letter below:
    • and please share this with your friends and family

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Toronto Tests Sidewalk Surfaces + Part of Bloor-Danforth Subway to Close Dec.1-2, 2012 & Other TTC News

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

City of Toronto’s Pilot Project to Evaluate Four Sidewalk Surfaces:

  • Objectives are:
    • To help blind and visually impaired pedestrians know when they are approaching an intersection

    • To help the city understand people’s preferences, identify concerns with surfaces and compare installation and maintenance activities for each of the surfaces

    • To determine the policy, standards and specifications for use on city sidewalks

  • The construction of the pilot project was completed on November 8, 2012 and will be in place until July, 2013
TTC Subway on Platform
TTC Subway on Platform

TTC to Close Portion of Bloor-Danforth subway for Weekend Track Work

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‘Eglinton Connects’ Needs You: Free Public Talk on “Designing the Future of Eglinton” Nov.28, 2012

This video presents “Designing Stations for Neighbourhoods”:

  • Station design is one of the most exciting — and most critical — components of The Crosstown construction in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • There are a number of major considerations for station design, including: accessibility for people with disabilities, development potential, integration with surrounding communities, and minimizing construction impacts

This is an update to my previous blogs:

Metrolinx is building the Eglinton-Scarborough Crosstown Light Rail Transit (LRT) project:

  • Metrolinx has committed funding for the project and construction has started on the LRT:
    • which will run along Eglinton Avenue from the vicinity of Black Creek Drive to the existing Kennedy Station on the Bloor-Danforth subway

    • as part of this project, the Scarborough Rapid Transit (SRT) line will also be converted to LRT and extended to Sheppard Avenue East and Markham Road

    • Metrolinx is investing approximately $6 billion in the design and construction of the Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit (LRT) line

      • This new transit infrastructure is expected to be completed by 2020
  • To create a transit-supportive, urbanized Avenue stretching across the centre of the City
  • Metrolinx released a report entitled “The Big Move” in 2008 which included a Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)
    • This report identifies “intensification corridors” – areas that will have upgraded transit services – as places to accommodate growth and development

    • The RTP directs municipalities to assess these corridors for their potential for higher density mixed-use development in a transit supportive urban form

    • Eglinton Avenue is identified as an intensification corridor in the RTP

    • It is also predominantly designated as an Avenue in the City of Toronto Official Plan

    • Metrolinx has agreed to contribute $1,332,000 over a two-year period to cover staff costs

In conjunction with the LRT project, Toronto’s City Planning Division has assembled a dedicated staff group in the Transportation Planning section (the Team):

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You’re Invited to Toronto’s City Carol Sing Dec.15 + Toy Drives (Mayor’s Nov.26-Dec.20 & TTC’s Nov.29-Dec.2) 2012

This video presents “Citytv’s Carol Sing broadcast from Yorkminster Park Baptist Church”:

  • 12/24/2011 | Staff
  • Video duration is 52:17 (min:sec)
    • please note that there are some blackout pauses; the first one is between 07:10 and 07:24

    • the video continues playing after each pause

  • The Third Annual Citytv’s Carol Sing 2011

Here are three wonderful events in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to help you start the holiday season:

2012 Mayor's Annual Toronto Toy Drive
2012 Mayor’s Annual Toronto Toy Drive

Launch of 2012 Mayor’s Annual Toronto Toy Drive

Monday, November 26

1 p.m.

Rotunda, City Hall, 100 Queen St. W.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Today, Mayor Rob Ford, City Manager Joe Pennachetti and a group of honorary elves will launch the 2012 Mayor’s Annual Toy Drive by accepting the first donations to the campaign:

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Canadians, Please Help Save Lives: Let Your MP Know You Want Bill C-398 to Pass at Second Reading on Nov.28, 2012

This Video presents “Bill C-398: Access to Medicines Now”:

Canadians, Please Help Save Lives: Let Your MP Know You Want Bill C-398 to Pass at Second Reading on Nov.28, 2012
Canadians, Please Help Save Lives: Let Your MP Know You Want Bill C-398 to Pass at Second Reading on Nov.28, 2012

More than seven years ago, Parliament unanimously passed a bill creating Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime (CAMR):

  • “To help get lower-cost, generic medicines to people in developing countries, where high prices of brand-name drugs keep medicines out of reach for far too many
  • To date, only one order of one AIDS drug has been sent to a single country
  • Both developing countries and generic drug manufacturers have said that the current regime is too cumbersome and difficult to use – and it is highly unlikely that CAMR will be used again unless it is reformed
  • In the last Parliament, a 60-vote majority of the House of Commons passed Bill C-393 in early March 2011
    • This bill would have fixed CAMR and enjoyed widespread support from humanitarian organizations, health professionals, and religious and community leaders

    • A national poll found that 80% of those surveyed supported proposals to fix CAMR and deliver on Canada’s pledge to help developing countries

    • MPs from all parties supported the bill

    • But Bill C-393 died on the Order Paper when Parliament was dissolved and the 2011 federal election was called”

Both the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network and the Canadian Make Poverty History are urging us to save lives and end needless suffering across the developing world by joining thousands of other Canadians and letting your MP know you want Bill C-398 to pass at second reading.

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Canada’s Biosphère Invites You to Recycling-Artists Eco Fair Nov.30 – Dec.2, 2012

This video presents “The Biosphere”:

  • Catch a glimpse of what the Biosphere, Canada’s environment museum, has to offer

Le texte français suit le texte anglais:

Environment Canada’s Biosphère, Environment Museum

Presents / Expose

Recycling-Artists Eco Fair / Salon des artistes-récupérateurs

November 30  –  December 1 & 2, 2012

FREE Admission to the Fair and Museum Exhibits / Entrée LIBRE au salon, ainsi qu’aux salles d’exposition

Christmas Market – Upcycled Creations / Marché de Noël – Créations uniques et écologiques

Friday, November 30, 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday, December 1 and 2, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Vendredi 30 novembre 10h à 21h
Samedi 1 & Dimanche 2 décembre 10h à 1

 Biosphère, 160, Chemin Tour-de-l’Isle Road, Île Sainte-Hélène, Montréal, Quebec, H3C 4G8

Phone / téléphone (514) 283-5000

The Recycling-Artists Eco Fair is a festive occasion for:

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Your Invite: Arts & Culture Dialogue for Vancouver’s Grandview-Woodland Community Plan Dec.3, 2012 or Jan.23, 2013

This video presents “History of the Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood in Vancouver”:

  • This video was produced by the City of Vancouver as part of the Grandview-Woodland community plan, to give residents a sense of the planning and development historic milestones that shaped their community today in British Columbia, Canada

In April 2012, the City of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada, initiated a new Community Planning process for Grandview-Woodland.

  • When completed, the plan will provide long-range guidance on a variety of issues – including housing, transportation, parks and public space, social issues, arts, culture, heritage and more
  • The new plan will replace an older Local Area Plan developed between 1979-82
Map of Grandview-Woodland
Map of Grandview-Woodland