This is the trailer for the world’s first interactive anime film: Attraction.

Attraction: The world’s first interactive anime

DDB Paris in France creates Attraction, a 10 minute interactive film, to raise awareness about tobacco companies manipulating today’s adolescents. The film, Attraction, can be accessed by clicking the link below.

Here is DDB Paris’ discussion about their creative and technical work to make Attraction, the interactive anime, as well as the campaign against adolescent smoking:

Creative and Technical Work

40% of 11-15 year olds smoke in France and hundreds of thousands start smoking every year.

Instead of using a very harsh communication we decided to speak in a familiar voice and create a Japanese anime that would convey our message in a way that French adolescents would share between each other.

In the very early stages of production we involved digital production company UNIT9 and Japanese animation company Studio4C. Together with their director Koji Morimoto, who worked on Akira and Animatrix, we created a seamless interactive anime that was made especially for the internet.

Working hand in hand we were able to develop the interactions in a way that has never been done before, and allowed us to fully integrate the animation and interactive assets.

After 12 months of hard work, the project was launched in cinemas, rich-media banners, projected on the walls of French high schools and was featured on major French TV channels.

The Campaign Against Adolescent Smoking

INPE (National Institute for Prevention and Health Education) and the Ministry of Health launched with DDB Paris a unique digital device to fight against youth smoking.

This is an interactive animated manga, developed with a major figure in Japanese animation, Koji Morimoto, who was involved in the development of the famous Akira.

The experience, about 10 minutes, we dive in Tokyo of the 2040s to follow the adventures of three young friends, Hiro, Ren and Koichi, who will be irresistibly drawn into a mysterious place where everything will be done to attract and get them to smoke.

Interactions using the webcam to allow the user to dive into the story and help our hero to escape unscathed from this place where everything is mere appearance and handling of the tobacco industry.

In order to experience Attraction with English subtitles, please follow these instructions as you go through the following six steps to start the film:

  1. For the first question/step, click “No”.
  2. For the second step, click “ENGLISH”.
  3. For the third step, here you can click FRENCH or JAPANESE as your audio language, that is, the characters will speak French or Japanese (depending on your choice).
  4. For the fourth step, click “ENGLISH” to get English subtitles (if you click “NONE”, you will get only the audio in French or Japanese).
  5. For the fifth step, click “LOW” as your connection speed.
  6. For the final step, you can choose to skip this step by clicking “SKIP THIS STEP” (the words appear as lighter text) in the lower middle of the screen. Then wait about 7 seconds for the film to appear.

Last but not least, since Attraction is interactive, you will have to use your mouse to move your cursor over the film according to the instructions at the upper right-hand corner of the film, in order for the film to proceed.

Please click here to experience Attraction (the world’s first interactive anime).

Enjoy the Experience!

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