The Canadian Press Video: World Poutine Eating Championship

A great Canadian event happened on Saturday, May 22nd, in Toronto, Ontario. The first annual  World Poutine Eating Championship was a  fantastic show of gusto from all sorts of participants ranging from amateur eaters to professional eaters.

And the winner is  Pat (Deep Dish) Bertoletti! Congratulations to Pat Bertoletti! As the World Poutine Eating Champion, Pat Bertoletti won $750 and bragging rights.

Ryan Smolkin, the owner of  Smoke’s Poutinerie, informed the spectators about “Pat (Deep Dish) Bertoletti…he’s got the Mohawk and he’s the man to watch” in the news video from The Canadian Press as posted by Rogers/Yahoo.

Contentedly rubbing his tummy,  Bertoletti had set a world poutine eating record for gobbling 13 pounds of poutine in 10 minutes! Extraordinaire!!

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