What are you being today?

Being Green! Being Environmentally Friendly!

Our Green Kudos goes to The Living Christmas Company in Los Angeles, California, U.S.  for being a green caring company that keeps Christmas trees alive and upholds the value of  “Christmas without waste.”  Scott Martin, the founder, merrily provides an environmentally friendly service to bring live trees to your home and/or business. Both delivery and pick-up services  are free of charge. Here is an amazing array of The Living Christmas Company’s responsibilities to our environment:

  • raising awareness of the general public to switch from artificial and cut trees to an environmentally friendly alternative: living trees
  • living trees significantly improve indoor safety because they are less flammable than either cut trees or plastic trees
  • living trees help produce a positive indoor air quality
  • delivery trucks run on Bio Diesel fuel
  • you can watch your tree grow (up to 6 annual rental times) until it’s too big
  • overgrown Christmas trees eventually become part of an Urban Reforestation Project earning Carbon Tax Credits

The Sky's the Limit
Creative Commons License photo credit: SmilingSunflower

Also, the eco-conscious and fair trade products and ornaments can be ordered from the Living Christmas Company website at http://livingchristmas.com.

More info on the above and other environmentally friendly initiatives of the Living Christmas Company can be found at http://livingchristmas.com/info/environmental_init.php.

Furthermore, 10% of the sales go to the local charities. Certainly, The Living Christmas Company is a  green company caring about the environment as well as people.

The following news video shows the very merry actions of the Living Christmas Company:


Let’s be really green next Christmas! It would be so great if all Christmas trees, after the Christmas celebration is over,  go back to the  environment to grow and  produce many benefits for everyone to enjoy.

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