The following message is from the Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition (ISARC):

Conversation on Breaking Free from Persistent Poverty

Conversation on Breaking Free from Persistent Poverty


Breaking Free from Persistent Poverty

June 9, 2011, 9AM – 3:30PM

Northrop Frye Building
Victoria University

73 Queen’s Park Circle

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

(Please note a change from our usual venue. The new location is just a little north from Queen’s Park on the northeast side of the Circle.)

Forum Schedule

9 AM Registration and Coffee

9:30 AM Welcome and opening

9:45 AM Theological Reflection

10:30 AM

Discussion on Poverty Reduction
Plans with the
Three Political Parties

A conversation moderated
by Mr. John Honderich of the Toronto Star

12:00 Noon   Lunch  (with MPP’s invited)

(Feel free to invite personally your own MPP)

1 PM Panel Presentations:

Three Cities Report

David Hulchanski
University of Toronto

Vertical Poverty Report

Jamie Robinson
United Way of Toronto

3:00 PM Closing and Sending Forth

Please register before June 5, 2011

Register now here by e-mail

Added request for this event:
“ISARC is anxious to have your questions presented to this panel by moderator John Honderich of the Toronto Star.  To assist in preparing the questions to be asked of the three political parties, we invite you to submit your questions to us  by e-mailing them to us at

“Please take a few moments now to send us your questions… “

Please click here for info about pre-paying the registration cost and registration by regular mail.

“ISARC reaches out to Ontario’s poor through its audit exercise…

ISARC Advocacy Policy

Preparing to speak to your member

of the Provincial Parliament (MPP)

Following the publication of Persistent Poverty: Voices from the Margins, and based on the findings of the audits in 26 locations across the province, ISARC has prepared a policy statement to help people to seek accountability from the provincial government for the Poverty Reduction Act passed unanimously by all three parties in the legislature in 2009.”

“ISARC is particularly concerned that the latest Ontario budget offered so little to those on social assistance – $5.92 per month, as Carol Goar has acknowledged – and at the same time refused to respond to repeated requests by the faith communities for the $100 food allowance.”

“We invite you to download this document and to use it as a core resource in the discussions, the advocacy and the policy statements of your groups and organizations.  Having gotten poverty reduction passed into law, we must now work even harder to insist that the Act is honoured and we move steadily towards the goal.”

“Go to the attachments for the pdf entitled “Preparing to speak to your member of the Provincial Parliament (MPP).”

Contact Info

Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition
P.O. Box 25067 – SDM
Kitchener, ON N2A 4A5
(519) 884-0710 x 3927

Staff Contact
Brice Balmer, Director

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