Twelve Businesses Creating New Jobs for Ontarians Including Students

Twelve Businesses Creating New Jobs for Ontarians Including Students

With the Ontario government’s support, the following twelve businesses are expanding or developing new products and services that will strengthen Ontario’s economy by creating new jobs:

  • Lopes Mechanical Ltd., a Sudbury-based mining services manufacturer, is expanding and upgrading its facilities. This project will create 35 new jobs and help the company to compete in international markets.
  • Upgrades to the Cochrane airport and the expansion of a small business will create up to 11 new jobs.  In addition, a new access road connecting the Detour Gold Mine with Ontario Northland’s rail facilities will create about 30 new construction jobs.
  1. Cribz Furniture in Callander ($25,000), a retail children’s furniture store will create one job.
  2. Kelly Natural Healthcare in North Bay ($25,000), a homeopathy and holistic nutrition business will create one job.
  3. Creator’s Edge in North Bay ($25,000), a craft supply store will create one job.
  4. Pure Envy in North Bay ($25,000), a beauty salon and spa will create two jobs.
  5. J. Brooks Academy of Music in North Bay ($20,400), an academy providing music, vocal and piano lessons will create one job.
  6. One venture is receiving support through the Northern Ontario Entrepreneur Program: En Bas / Downstairs Café in North Bay ($22,575), a café with art gallery is creating six jobs.
  • In addition, this summer more than 100,000 Ontario students will find jobs and gain important work-related experience through the province’s Summer Jobs Programs.

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