Kudos to Canada’s Best Karate (in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada) for sponsoring the Kicks for Candy Campaign to fight childhood obesity by promoting physical activity for children in our community.

Canada’s Best Karate is asking for your help to make the children in our community to be more aware of the healthy, active lifestyle.

Obesity had once been a disease only among adults. It is of serious consternation that now obesity even exists among children during their childhood and/or adolescent years. Both Statistics Canada and Canada’s Best Karate provide the following eye-opener info:

  • Obesity rates in children have almost tripled in the last 30 years.
  • About 26% of  Canadian children ages 2-17 years old are overweight or obese.
  • 59% of children and adolescents do not eat the minimum requirement of 5 vegetable and fruit servings daily.
  • Nearly one-third of US children ages 4-19 eat fast food everyday.
  • In 2004, over a third of children aged 6 to 11 logged more than 2 hours of screen time each day; these children were twice as likely to be overweight/obese as were those whose daily viewing totaled an hour or less.
  • For children in grades 9-10, over one-third do not participate in daily physical activity.

Due to the above reasons, Canada’s Best Karate is hosting the “Kicks For Candy” Halloween Exchange on Monday November 1st, 2010 to promote physical activity among the youth of our community and help them avoid the “trap of childhood obesity.”

Here are the details of the Kicks for Candy Campaign:

“Children may donate any of their uneaten Halloween candy in exchange for Free karate lessons; they will receive 1 week of lessons for every pound of candy donated (up to 6 pounds).  Donations will be accepted at both of our locations (5100 Rutherford Rd. in Woodbridge and 2535 Major Mackenzie Dr. in Maple) on Monday, November 1st, between 5 pm – 7 pm. (please click here for maps)

Canada’s Best Karate will package the candy collected to be shipped to Canadian Forces soldiers serving overseas to show our support.  The Chosen Soldier Project has volunteered to coordinate the shipments of candy to soldiers who may not regularly receive care packages.

You can help by letting your friends and colleagues know about this event so that they can participate in the candy exchange.  With your help, we can make a greater impact on our community.

Click here to open up images you can print.  Put the poster up at your place of business or locations you have permission.  Hand out the coupons to Trick-or-Treaters who come to your door on Halloween evening.

Thanks for helping make this a healthier Halloween!”

Contact info of Canada’s Best Karate (CBK)

Two Locations:

CBK Woodbridge  (5100 Rutherford Rd., Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada  L4H 2J2)
Phone: 905.893.3342

CBK Maple (2535 Major Mackenzie Dr., Maple, Ontario, Canada  L6A 1C6)
Phone: 905.879.8008

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