Here is an urgent message from FRESH the movie, which asks for your help today:

Stand with us! Sign the FRESH petition against GE Salmon today!

“Last month, we delivered over 10,000 FRESH petition signatures against genetically engineered salmon to the FDA. Our tremendous outcry resulted in an agreement by the FDA to open a public comment period on the LABELING of genetically modified salmon.  Since we didn’t get a chance to voice our opposition to this salmon in the first place, we want to take this opportunity to make ourselves heard!

We are working with other organizations to gather 20,000 signatures by November 22nd to submit to this public comment period. We still have a lot of work ahead of us. The corporations pushing genetically engineered salmon aren’t backing down. We need to stand strong and stop genetically modified salmon.

Let’s blow them away.  Will you help us reach 20,000 signatures standing against genetically modified salmon on our plates?

The FDA agreed that the small sample sizes, incomplete data and poor scientific assessments in the research done on genetically modified salmon warrant concern.  In addition, newly disclosed government documents conclude that genetically modified salmon pose a critical threat to marine environments.

Please join us in our outcry! We will deliver all signatures to the FDA as part of the public comment period through the November 22nd deadline.

Stand with us! Sign the FRESH petition against GE Salmon today!

Eat safe,

FRESH the movie”

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