Green Neighbours 21 - Volunteers Needed for Green Community Projects

Green Neighbours 21 - Volunteers Needed for Green Community Projects

This is an update to my previous blog Green Neighbours 21: Green Action Groups & Events in the Summer.

Green Neighbours 21 has a number of exciting green community projects underway.

Please consider contributing some of your time, talent and ideas to help make them a success.

If you are interested in the following green community projects, please contact the corresponding group leaders directly:

“Home Energy Efficiency Teams (HEET)

HEET, or Home Energy Efficiency Teams, is a grass roots neighbour-helping-neighbour, or “barn raising”, project meant to assist home owners and renters alike in making their living spaces warmer–and cooler–by sealing up the draughts using simple techniques such as caulking and weather stripping of doors and windows, installing sealing pads in electrical outlets, covering leaky windows with heat shrink plastic, switching from hot incandescent light bulbs to cooler CFCs, and the like.

If you have the applicable skills and experience that you’d like to share, or want to learn those skills and tighten up your home, this is the project for you.
Contact: Jim Eager (

Green Apartment/Co-Op/Condo Living

Attention renters, co-op and condo dwellers: we need your ideas and energy!

This group aims to organize and empower multi-unit building residents to green both their personal living spaces and their buildings in general.

It also aims to develop ways to engage fellow residents and persuade building management/owners to green their buildings by showing them how they can reduce operating and energy costs.
Contact: Nêst Pritchard at

Eco Fair

An eco fair will be held at the Wychwood Barns on Sunday, November 13, 2011.

It will resemble past eco fairs with vendors or energy-saving services and products.

But this year it will be expanded to include fun, family-oriented, kid-friendly, hands-on, and arts-related activities.

You can help out by:
1 – sharing your ideas
2 – serving on the planning team
3 – taking responsibility for one display/activity
4 – helping out on the day
Contact:  Judy Vellend (”

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