Happy Valentine's Day Special Offer for You from NFB Mediatheque and CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Happy Valentine's Day Special Offer for You from NFB Mediatheque and CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“If you think the magic ends on Monday with Valentine’s Day, think again!”

The NFB Mediatheque and the CFC (Canadian Film Centre) Worldwide Short Film Festival are offering a special 2-for-1 deal for Wednesday’s presentation of A World of Shorts: Date Night as follows!


Wednesday, Feburary 16 at 7 PM

“In the wake of Valentine’s Day, are you looking for love? Have a fling, find a mate, break your heart – or someone else’s – with this collection of romantic short stories.”

Special Offer: “Keep the Valentine’s Day magic going by bringing a special someone to the screening – on us! For the February edition of A World of Shorts, buy one ticket and get one free. Share the love with your friend, colleague, or Valentine!”

Program runs approximately 94 minutes, and features:

False Start
Sébastien Trahan, Canada, 2010, 7 min
Thanks to a small time machine, François can break up with his girlfriend over and over again, until he gets it just right. A quirky comedy that puts the “fool” into a “fool proof” plan.


Amy Grappell, USA, 2010, 20 min
An unconventional look at two conventional couples who swapped partners and lived in a group marriage in the early 70s, this award-winning documentary is a fascinating portrait of “modern” love.

Epic Fail
Ragnar Agnarsson, Iceland, 2009, 13 min
When a sweet but solitary sound recordist falls into a chance adventure through the streets of Reykjavik, he isn’t at all prepared for the results. Based on a true story.

Flawed (please click on this highlighted title to see an introductory clip)
Andrea Dorfman, Canada, 2010, 12 min
In a world bent on perfection, it’s hard to accept someone’s faults, never mind your own. Filmmaker Andrea Dorfman beautifully animates her own story of finding love with someone new – and ultimately – herself.

Vanesa Abajo Perez, Netherlands, 2009, 22 min
When Annika and Marouan meet, it’s love at first sight in the grocery aisles. But as a perfect evening winds down, reality throws them some unexpected obstacles on their way to a “Hollywood” ending.

Le Négociant

Joachim Weissmann, Belgium, 2009, 20 min
When a calm and collected bomb squad negotiator is sent into a convenience store holdup, neither he nor the hapless clerk he tries to counsel are prepared for the blowout in this high-stakes romantic comedy.

Presented in partnership with the Canadian Film Centre’s Worldwide Short Film Festival.

$6, $4 for students, seniors, Front Row passholders.

Location and Contact Info
NFB Mediatheque
150 John St. (at Richmond St. W)
Toronto (Osgoode subway station)
M5V 3C3

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