The Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition (ISARC)  posted the following employment opportunity in Ontario, Canada :

Job posting:

ISARC Executive Director
(Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition)

Posting Date:  Nov. 12, 2010
Closing date for Applications: Dec. 10, 2010

Documents requested

Potential candidates should submit a letter of application which explains how one is suitable for this position with resume and at least two references from persons in the anti-poverty and/or interfaith context.

Documents should be sent immediately to:


Candidates will be short listed and only those short listed (three) will be contacted for interviews.  Interviews will be held, as far as possible, during the week of December 13-17, 2010.  The position start date is Jan. 1, 2011, or as soon as possible thereafter.  The process will respect the privacy and confidentiality of candidates.  Should the process not identify a suitably qualified candidate ISARC may re-post the position.

The Position

The Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition (ISARC) is Ontario’s major multi-faith, anti-poverty coalition.  The Coalition requires an Executive Director effective January 1 or as soon as possible thereafter.

The candidate for this position should have as a minimum a bachelor’s level university education, preferably in theological studies or the social sciences, and should have at least five years exposure to the field of social justice in a multi-faith context.  The position includes a need for computer literacy and well developed oral and written English language skills, including an ability to speak with and sustain a conversation with media around ISARC’s faith community/ elimination of poverty agenda.  Fund raising experience is essential.

A candidate with the equivalency of these qualifications could also be considered.

The candidate will need to interact with both provincial government and private sector charitable entities; the candidate should have some field experience with networking skills around government ministries and charitable groups as well as with low income people. The candidate will need to network with local interfaith groups who are advocating for the elimination of poverty; this may include some assistance with community and coalition development as an advisor and/ or mentor. Some local travel will be involved within Ontario; the position could be located in the GTA or southern Ontario. The successful candidate will report to the ISARC chair / executive committee in a manner to be determined and mutually agreeable.

The position is considered full time for one year at an annual salary of $50,000  and is contracted.    The candidate is entitled to three weeks annual vacation and statutory holidays; and to 14 days sick leave annually, providing doctor’s notation on more than two days at once.  Qualified candidates of any faith community are welcome to apply.


The duties of the position include:

  • Encouraging and energizing the multi-faith linkage of ISARC among the faith communities and other non-faith based partners in the anti-poverty struggle, especially with low income groups
  • Fund raising among ISARC’s multi-faith members, as well as with foundations and trusts.
  • Facilitating the various multi-faith projects of ISARC, including the projects such as social audits, multi-faith approaches to confronting poverty, religious leaders’ forums, interfaith prayer vigil, and other projects as established or determined by ISARC
  • Facilitating and assisting the meetings and planning of the Chair, the Executive Committee and the Steering Committee of ISARC
  • Facilitating ISARC’s connections with media. government agencies and charities, including low income groups, in the pursuit of ISARC’s faith based efforts to eliminate poverty
  • Facilitating the communication within the constituent multi-faith groups of ISARC, increasing the participation of faith communities at the local and provincial levels is desired as faith communities not only serve peoples with low incomes but also collaborate with coalitions and advocate on behalf of those who are marginalized.
  • Facilitating  communication between ISARC and the various government and private sector agencies, including the promotion of ISARC publications
  • Overseeing the ISARC web site, its finances, and its administration, including supervision of any ISARC staff, volunteers or students on practicum
  • Any other duties assigned to the Executive Director by the Chair and/or Executive Committee
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