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Join LiveRightNow.Ca to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution to Be Fit & Lean

Live Right Now
Live Right Now

Thanks to CBC’s national multi-platform health initiative Live Right Now, you as Canadians can get the help, support and encouragement you need to make small, meaningful changes to improve your health via losing weight and exercising.

Canadians can easily join the dynamic and interactive online LIVE RIGHT NOW community by registering at where you can create a profile and access tips, tools, challenges and support to help guide your journey to better health.

A CBC News poll revealed that nine in 10 Canadians would like to live healthier, 37 per cent agree that obesity is the number one health issue affecting Canadians today, and 42 per cent of Canadians say they don’t get any vigorous exercise in a week.

Here is a chronological list of LIVE RIGHT NOW events:

  • Village on a Diet – Premiering Monday, January 3 at 9 p.m. (9:30 NT) on CBC-TV, this 11-part television series follows the people of Taylor, British Columbia, on their journey to better health as they commit to shedding one ton of collective weight in just three months.
  • The exclusive CBC News series, Canada Weighs In, kicks off on CBC-TV, CBC News Network, CBC Radio and during the week of Jan. 2. to discuss Canadians’ health perceptions, exercise, sleep deprivation, the impact of sugar and other topics.
  • The Million Pound Challenge – Canadians looking to lose weight can join the national call-to-action, the Million Pound Challenge.  From January to July 1, Canadians interested in losing weight are encouraged to pledge to lose a combined total of one million pounds.
  • Run Run Revolution – An experiential television and online documentary airing in the spring that will follow a group of middle school-aged children as they prepare for the youth section of the Boston Marathon. The docu-style special will not only transform the lives of the runners, it will bring together families and communities and highlight the importance of raising a healthy generation.
  • Canada Day Celebration – On July 1, 2011 we will celebrate the success of LIVE RIGHT NOW with a huge celebration and reveal what Canadians have accomplished.

Good Luck/ Bonne Chance!

6 replies on “Join LiveRightNow.Ca to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolution to Be Fit & Lean”

I am joining as I am retired since, almost three years.. Will turn 67 in a couple of weeks. While I feel I am in pretty good shape.. “Pretty Good” is no longer ” Good Enough.”
So I am going to now aim for ” In good shape”

Excellent New Year’s resolution! Bravo!

Cheers to your good health and longevity!

Please let us know your progress.

I am awaiting a second knee replacement.My exercise is limited to swimming, which I travel to St John’s twicw a week. I need motivation to lose some weight.

Hi Jean,

Swimming is great exercise for people of all ages.

I believe that for every pound of weight that an obese/overweight person loses is a significant gain of good, happy healthy benefits as well as longevity.

Jean, please check with your medical doctor to find out what is the appropriate and best exercise program for you.

I wish you will have a successful second knee replacement and many, many years of good, happy health!

I would love to know how you are doing!

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