Launch of Poverty Free Ontario Campaign in Newmarket September 15

Launch of Poverty Free Ontario Campaign in Newmarket September 15

Here is a letter to Canadians in Ontario from the York Region Do the Math Working Group:

Friends and Colleagues –

Join us for the Launch of the Poverty Free Ontario Campaign in Newmarket at 510 Penrose on Thursday September 15th at 10:30 am

This Thursday will be the official launch of the POVERTY FREE ONTARIO CAMPAIGN to raise awareness of the crisis of poverty in our province and the importance of poverty being on the platform for the upcoming election. In the federal election we saw very little if anything, discussed in terms of poverty, the impact on our communities and what the political parties intended to do to address this growing issue and threat to our health. We don’t want this pattern to repeat itself during the current provincial election. On Thursday communities all across Ontario will be saying that they are paying attention and will be voting for a poverty free Ontario in this election, by putting up signs that reflect their interest in working towards a Poverty Free Ontario.

Many of you attended the Poverty Free Ontario presentation made by Marvin Novick and Peter Clutterbuck with the Social Planning Network of Ontario, at the Aurora Library event in early June. Regional Councillor John Taylor and Co-Chair of the Social Planning Network of Ontario, Pat Taylor were our opening speakers at the very well attended event. WE promised to follow-up with all of you re: the plans to promote a poverty free Ontario and a very ambitious cross-provincial group has been working throughout the summer to pull this altogether. So we have a number of resources for you to use as you may choose.

1.) Buttons that say – We are Working for a Poverty Free Ontario

2.) Lawn and window signs that can be picked up on the day of the Launch at 510 Penrose. The signs say “I am Voting for a Poverty Free Ontario.”

3.) Window signs that come as a PDF file that you can download, print and put up in your chosen spots

4.) Reverse Canvassing Leaflets which can be given out at the door when candidates come to campaign and ask for your support. They can also be given to candidates at events and all candidates meetings – whenever you speak with them. The leaflet basically informs the canvassers and candidates of the movement for a Poverty Free Ontario and asks for their commitment. These will also be sent out as a PDF for you to print yourselves. We will also have some available to pick up at the Launch on Thursday September 15th.

5.) Additional Information about how you can speak to candidates in the current provincial election about poverty, and what we all want to work towards which is the creation of good jobs, adequate incomes and healthy communities This information comes in the form of consultation with campaign organizers and team members as well as specific training provided on dates I will provide here.

6.) Training provided for interested community members on How to Talk about Poverty with others as well as candidates in the provincial election, and the alternative vision of healthy communities. This training is provided by the AAA Advocacy: Awareness to Action Project Coordinator and the Community Mission Specialist for the Heart and Stroke foundation of Ontario, in this region. Trainings will be provided on Wednesday September 14th from 6-9 pm and Saturday September 17th from 1-4 pm. Please contact Yvonne Kelly at (905)967-0428 ext 205 if you are interested in attending one of these session times for Healthiest Communities Training.

The reverse leaflet is in the final stage of development and I will send as soon as we have it. The signs you can print yourselves are attached. We look forward to seeing many of you at the event next Thursday. Please RSVP to Adam and York Region Food Network by calling 905-967-0428 ext 205 if you know you are able to attend. It’s not necessary to RSVP but will help us to get an idea of how many people to expect that morning.

Thanks Everyone.

Yvonne Kelly

Adam Duff

York Region Do the Math Working Group”

Please contact Yvonne Kelly at (905)967-0428 ext 205 for more info about the launch of the Poverty Free Ontario Campaign as well as the signs and leaflets.


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