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Mesmerizing Movements: Live Online Web Cam at The Natrel™ Rink/Pond

See what’s happening at Harbourfront Centre (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) during the day via Harbourfront Centre’s NEW online Web cams. They have four web cams:

  • enwave theatre (camera 1, YQC East Entrance)
  • Redpath Stage (camera 2, Ann Tindal Park)
  • Sirius Stage (Camera 3)
  • The Natrel Rink/Pond (camera 4)

Presently, I find the Natrel Rink/Pond to have a mesmerizing effect as its web cam captures the real-time energy-filled, fluid movements of the skaters.

This is great for relaxation during one’s break time or coffee/tea time during the day!

Please click here for the Harbourfront Centre Web Cam at The Natrel Rink/Pond.

I hope you find it to your liking as well.