Eleven Companies Creating More Jobs in Ontario

Eleven Companies Creating More Jobs in Ontario

Here is a list of eleven businesses that are expanding or developing new products and services, which will help to create new jobs for families across Ontario, Canada.

  • Protenergy Natural Foods Corporation is creating 60 new jobs in Richmond Hill and investing in new equipment at its food processing plant.  The company supplies leading retailers and branded manufacturers around the world with soups, broths and sauces.
  • EcoSynthetix is investing in green technology for the paper industry in an innovation project that could create up to 40 new jobs in Burlington.  The company is developing environmentally friendly alternatives to the petroleum-based chemical coatings used for colours to stick to glossy paper and cardboard.
  • Exeter Produce and Storage Company Limited is investing in new equipment to expand the capacity of its bell pepper processing line, creating 40 new jobs in Huron County.  The company is a fresh produce grower and distributor, serving markets throughout Canada, the U.S. and Caribbean.
  • Dynacast is creating over 36 new jobs in Peterborough and installing new machines to expand its product line.  The company makes die cast components for a wide range of industries including telecommunications, computing, consumer electronics, healthcare and automotive.
  • Wawasum Corporation and South Wabi Sawmill are creating a total of 23 new jobs as a result of accepting wood supply offers from the province.  Wawasum Corporation will use the wood in a new plant to be built near Greenstone to produce clean-burning wood pellets for energy production.  South Wabi Sawmill in Haileybury will be modernizing its mill, which produces pine and cedar millwork, panelling and barrel saunas.
  • A. Potvin Construction is creating 10 new jobs in Rockland, investing in new technology and increasing the capacity of its production facility.  The company makes custom kitchen cabinets, trims, framing, and siding for the construction industry.
  • Rich Products Canada is creating five new jobs in Fort Erie and investing in new equipment that will increase production volumes, boost productivity and reduce energy consumption.  The company makes frozen breads, rolls, pizzas and sweet goods.
  • Pulp Moulded Products will add 56 new jobs in Newmarket.  The company adds water to recycled paper and cardboard to create a wide range of environmentally friendly packaging products used to ship furniture, glass bottles and electronics, and a line of medical products. The company is developing new machinery that will expand its range of packaging products, while reducing energy and water use and improving quality control.
  • Pride Pak Canada Ltd. is Canada’s largest fresh fruit and vegetable processor  expanding its business while creating 61 good jobs in Mississauga. The company is doubling its production capacity by investing in new, more efficient, machinery and refrigeration technology.  The new equipment will also increase the shelf-life of its fresh-cut produce, allowing the company to serve customers across North America.
  • Integran Technologies, a scientific research company, creates 20 new jobs in Toronto.  The company is developing new metal coating technologies that will increase the reliability and durability of metal components used in airplanes, cars, and other manufactured goods.  The new plating process is also better for the environment than conventional methods and produces lighter parts, resulting in better fuel efficiency.

Please click here to find out from CBC ( April 8 ) that:

  • “Canada’s unemployment rate changed little in March as gains in full-time work were offset by declines in part-time jobs.”
  • A lot of the job gains were in these three provinces in respective order: Ontario, British Columbia and Manitoba.
  • The bulk of job losses were in Quebec and Alberta.

Hopefully, the economy will improve enormously for all Canadians this year.

Good Luck! / Bonne Chance!

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