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Two National Geographic Magazine’s Videos on “Population 7 billion”

According to the National Geographic Magazine, the most “typical” human face on the planet is a male, 28-year-old Han Chinese man.

This concluding statement of a video of the National Geographic Magazine’s video series on the human race called “Population 7 billion” is not surprising because this only confirms the well known facts that China has the greatest population in the world as well as more men than women.

And the second greatest population can be found in India.

Thus, the National Geographic Magazine is correct to predict that the next most typical person in the world: “By 2030 that person will come from India”, as shown here in the “7 Billion: Are You Typical? — National Geographic Magazine” video.

Here is another great, dynamic video -“7 Billion, National Geographic Magazine”- about the ever increasing population of the world, lengthening levels of longevity, and maintaining global balance in the availability of energy, clean water, and adequate sanitation.