July 2011 Opening: One-Window Access for People With Developmental Disabilities

July 2011 Opening: One-Window Access for People With Developmental Disabilities

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February 8, 2011

One-Window Access For Developmental Services

McGuinty Government Improves Services And Supports In Eastern Ontario

Ontarians who have a developmental disability in eastern Ontario are one step closer to having a better, more streamlined way to apply for services and supports.

The province is creating nine new regional contact points for people who apply for developmental services, a response to feedback from people with developmental disabilities and their families. The regional contact points will be a single window to provide information, determine eligibility for services, determine service and support needs and link people to services and supports in their community. The one-window system will be easier to navigate, eliminating the need to apply at multiple places or fill out multiple forms to access services.

Following a competitive selection process, Ontario has chosen ‘Service Coordination des services‘ to be the single contact point for people who live in eastern Ontario.

The nine regional contact points will be known as Developmental Services Ontario when they open in July 2011. They are a key part of Ontario’s plan to modernize services and supports for people with a developmental disability.


“Moving to a one-window approach will mean better information and service, less duplication and a fairer application process for people applying for developmental services.”

Madeleine Meilleur
Minister of Community and Social Services


  • About 50,000 Ontarians have a developmental disability.
  • Ontario invests $1.6 billion each year to help people with a developmental disability live, work and participate in a wide range of activities in their communities.



Rebecca MacKenzie
Minister’s Office

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