Passionate Hearts

With a standing ovation, we applaud you for your passion in seizing the opportunities to do good  to people. Thank you for making our world a better place by helping people be happier, healthier, and/or to significantly improve the standards/qualities of living as well as our living environments. Here you are; and many more passionate hearts will be added to our  ‘Passionate Hearts’  list.

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Black History or Heritage month can take on many different meanings for many different reasons but what consistently jumps out at me during this time of the year is this rich history. One of human plight, struggles, sufferings a determination not be broken, and great examples of otherwise insignificant and inconsequential individuals who through sheer determination, stubbornness and faith in a God they’ve come to know personally refused to accept their plight but rather believe that one (1) can make a difference regardless of her or his stature, race, position, gender, education or class and Harriet Tubman (Moses) is one of many who epitomizes this. Take a ride on the underground railroad and read about her life and contributions it’s just totally inspiring.

I love the focus of Black History month, there are so many life lessons from this historical period…

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