Peterborough Airport Expansion is Completed Now

Due to the completed expansion of the local airport in Peterborough (Ontario, Canada), the Peterborough Airport now have the following bragging rights:

  • new terminal building;
  • longest paved runway (7,000 feet ) between Toronto and Ottawa,
  • increasing the taxiway;
  • both the runway and taxiway are designed to support narrow body aircraft such as the Boeing 737 and Airbus 320 series;
  • new automated weather observation site (AWOS) and PAPI approach system (Precision Approach Path Indicator) allows pilots to access reliable information and assistance for approaches;
  • groundside commercial development: suitably located by Highway 115, the airport offers areas designated for industrial, commercial or private development opportunities; currently there are 30 areas of serviced land ready for development;
  • has created 80 new full-time jobs and will create an additional 50 throughout the region.

Now, the Peterborough Airport has charter services available to fly business or travel providing non-scheduled domestic and trans-border flights to meet your schedule.

Hopefully, the newly improved Peterborough Airport will create jobs and new business opportunities that will grow the economies of both Peterborough and Ontario.

Please click here for more info about the Peterborough Municipal Airport.

Peterborough Airport Expansion is Completed Now
Peterborough Airport Expansion is Completed Now

Ontario, Canada: Newsroom

News Release

Peterborough Airport Expansion Complete

October 14, 2011

McGuinty Government Supports Economic Development, Creates Jobs

Major improvements that have now been completed at the Peterborough Municipal Airport will create jobs and new business opportunities in the region.

With the longest runway between Toronto and Ottawa, the Peterborough Municipal Airport caters to both business and general aviation. The recent expansion included:

  • Constructing a new terminal building
  • Extending the length of the runway to 7,000 feet and increasing the taxiway
  • Groundside commercial development.

Building strong local economies is part of the McGuinty government’s plan to create jobs and opportunities that will grow the province’s economy.


“Peterborough’s expanded airport is about more than just moving around people and products. It’s about more jobs for families, more opportunities for local businesses to grow and a stronger economy for Peterborough and Ontario.”

 – Dalton McGuinty
Premier of Ontario

“Our government is creating jobs through important infrastructure investments such as this. Expanding and improving the Peterborough Airport will grow our region’s economy and provide lasting benefits for local residents and businesses.”

 – Jeff Leal
MPP for Peterborough

“The Peterborough Airport expansion will further position Peterborough as a premier aviation and aerospace centre supporting new business development in this important and growing industry sector. I am excited to have worked closely with our provincial, federal and local partners to see this investment result in meaningful opportunities for Peterborough’s economic growth.”

 – Daryl Bennett
Mayor, Peterborough


  • The expansion of the Peterborough Airport has created 80 new full-time jobs and will create an additional 50 throughout the region.
  • Ontario has added 305,500 net new jobs since the last recession.