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Please Give the Gift of Dignity to Canadians This Holiday Season!

York Region Food Network urges you to “give the Gift of Dignity” to Canadians this holiday season as follows:

“Want to give the Gift of Dignity this Holiday Season?”

Sign our Petition to Put Food in the Budget of our neighbours on social assistance.

An immediate increase of $100/month to enable people to purchase healthy food is a gift that:

  • combats hunger and injustice
  • reduces reliance on our already over-burdened food banks and volunteers
  • is a start at eliminating some of the wasted  time and energy that goes into maintaining our systemic, second rate food system for the poor
  • is a first step towards raising rates to adequate levels that reflect the real cost of living in Ontario
  • restores the right of individuals to purchase their own healthy food
  • is simply the right thing to do

Thanks to all of you who sign this petition and help to restore some balance in a world where Charity cannot redress poverty and inequity.

Please click here to sign the petition.


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