‘Put Food in the Budget’ and ‘South Riverdale Community Health Centre’ invite you to  join them in an Advocacy Challenge tomorrow, December 8th.

The South Riverdale Community Health Centre is one of the key partners in the provincial campaign to Put Food in the Budget which advocates for an immediate $100 / month Healthy Food Supplement for all adults on social assistance in Ontario.

Tomorrow the South Riverdale Community Health Centre is challenging community members and other groups to encourage individuals to have a Voice on these issues by calling, faxing or emailing the Premier, The Minister of Community and Social Services, and the Minister of Children and Youth Services (also responsible for the Province’s Poverty Reduction Strategy) to let them know that social assistance rates are outdated and punitive and that low-income people cannot wait for another 18 months for the Review of the Social Assistance System to be completed in June 2012.

Canadians need assistance and healthy food NOW!

If you would be interested in joining others to make tomorrow a day that many voices will be heard on these issues, please check out the Advocacy Challenge message below. It includes all the information you need to contact those who need to hear your concerns and YOUR VOICE.

The York Region Do the Math Working Group continues to be involved in and promote different strategies such as this one, to engage residents in advocating for the  $100 / month Healthy Food Supplement and a transparent process for the setting of adequate social assistance rates that reflect the actual cost of living in Ontario.

Please join them or encourage friends, neighbors and colleagues to speak out and remind the provincial government that they did make a commitment to poverty reduction and we’re still waiting to see some real evidence of that.

“Our hope is that the provincial government will hear many voices and receive many messages on December 8th, speaking  to the need for healthy food for all Ontarians.”

Call Yvonne Kelly 905-967-0428  ext 205 for more information

Check out the website http://putfoodinthebudget.ca/

Your Advocacy Challenge on Wednesday, December 8th

December 4th is the second anniversary of the provincial government’s Poverty Reduction Strategy. They promised to reduce poverty in five years. There are only 3 years left.

But People are STILL HUNGRY

Join the York Region DO THE MATH Working Group as we Remind the Provincial Government to keep its Commitment to Poverty Reduction in Ontario.

We stand together and Say:

On December 8th, help send an anniversary message to the provincial government.

Email, fax, phone!

Ask the government leaders: Why have they not raised social assistance rates when everyone agrees that the rates are much too low for people to live healthy and dignified lives?

Tell the government leaders: You want them to add a $100 healthy food supplement to the cheques of every single adult receiving social assistance. You want a process for setting the rates that makes sense – so people can cover the real costs of living.

This is what the  campaign is all about.

Email, fax, phone!

On December 8th all day

Madeleine Meilleur

Minister of Community and Social Services

(responsible for social assistance)

Tel: 613.744.4484

Fax: 613.744.0889

Email: mmeilleur.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org

Dalton McGuinty, Premier

Tel 416-325-1941

Fax 416-325-3745


Laurel Broton

Minister of Children and Youth Services (responsible for Poverty Reduction Strategy)

Tel: (416) 259-2249 (constituency office)
Fax: (416) 259-3704
Email: laurel.broten@ontario.ca

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