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If you live in Indiana, U.S., pregnant women will benefit from the “One Test, Two Lives – Prevent HIV Indiana” – a statewide campaign designed to

  • “improve clinical practices to prevent mother-to-baby HIV transmission and ensure all women are tested for HIV early in their pregnancy”
  • newborns will also benefit because “with appropriate interventions including medications for the mother, choice of best delivery method and treatment of the infant after birth, transmission rates can be decreased to 1-2 percent”
  • also, ” materials will be provided to patients to encourage universal voluntary prenatal testing for HIV”
  • empower women who have HIV before getting pregnant by providing them the means to be proactive in planning based on the doctors’ “ability to advise which interventions are best suited for their respective condition and situation”

Kudos to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S., for the newly constructed Riley Mother Baby Hospital on the Moi University campus in Eldorat, Kenya, Africa as well as  its very important HIV mission for both hospitals as follows:

“For the future and health of our children, it’s imperative we improve HIV-related health outcomes in Indiana and across the world.”

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