Smog Advisory for July 1, 2011: Elgin, Sarnia-Lambton, Windsor-Essex-Chatham-Kent

Smog Advisory for July 1, 2011: Elgin, Sarnia-Lambton, Windsor-Essex-Chatham-Kent

A SMOG ADVISORY* has been issued by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment for the following forecast regions in Ontario, Canada:

For: Friday July 1, 2011

  • Elgin
  • Sarnia – Lambton
  • Windsor – Essex – Chatham – Kent

Please note that advisories will remain in effect until further notice.

During the smog episode, individuals may experience the following symptoms:

  • eye irritation
  • heavy outdoor exercise may cause respiratory symptoms such as coughing or shortness of breath
  • people with heart or lung disease including asthma may experience a worsening of their condition

* A Smog Advisory means that there is a strong likelihood that there may be poor air quality within the next 24 hours due to ground-level ozone and/or particulate matter.

During a smog advisory,  you can take the following actions to help spare the air:

  • Travel tips – all year round:
    • leave your car at home – walk, cycle, carpool or take public transit
    • tele-conference instead of driving to meetings
    • limit car trips by doing all your errands at once, and
    • do not let your engine idle
    • keep your car well tuned,
    • check your tire pressure and
    • drive at moderate speeds
  • Health tips:
    • avoid exposure to vehicle exhaust fumes
    • consult your doctor for specific health advice
    • wear light clothing at work while air conditioning is reduced
    • avoid strenuous exercise in the heat of the day
  • Electricity saving tips:
    • save electricity at home by setting your air conditioner temperature a few degrees higher (health permitting) and
    • turning off lights you are not using
  • Other pollution reduction tips:
    • leave lawn mowing for another day
    • restrict the use of gasoline-powered equipment
    • delay using oil-based paints, solvents and cleaners

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