In 17 hours from posting this blog, it will be the New Year 2011!

So, let’s pause, gasp and hold our breath momentarily as we review the tremendous depth and breadth of the social media 2010 year. Thanks to, here are the mind-boggling social media stats for 2010:

  • 6.1 trillion text message were sent worldwide
  • over 360 billion pieces of content were shared on Facebook
  • people watched 2 billion videos a day on YouTube
  • in fact, every minute 24 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube
  • the average person spent 1.8 hours online shopping a week
  • the average person spent 4.4 hours on email a week
  • the average person spent 4.6 hours on social sites a week
  • in one month 2.64 billion tweets were sent –
  • that’s 986 tweets per second or
  • over 26 billion tweets per year
  • a person receives 100,566 words in media messages each day

WOW! Does all that make you wonder what the 2011 social media year will be like?

Please click here to see the lovely Happy Holidays’ video of showcasing the above 2010  social media stats.


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