Ontario’s 2013/2014 Species at Risk Stewardship Fund: Apply Before Midnight (EST) on Jan.8, 2013

This video presents “Species at Risk: Ontario’s Response”:

  • Discover how species get on the Species at Risk in Ontario list, what MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) biologists are doing to help protect and recover them and what the Natural Resources Minister in Ontario, Canada, has to say (2009)

Ontario has a strategy for improving protection of its forests, lakes, animals, plants and citizens.

Via the implementation of the new Biodiversity: It’s in Our Nature plan, Ontario will undertake over 100 activities with industry, environmental and community partners over the next decade to protect biodiversity:

  • “Biodiversity” refers to the “immense variety of life on Earth, from microscopic insects to vast northern forests”
    • Ontario Biodiversity Council identifies six main threats to Ontario’s biodiversity:

      1. habitat loss
      2. invasive alien species
      3. population growth
      4. pollution
      5. unsustainable use
      6. climate change