This video presents “John Clarke of OCAP Speech in”:

  • The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) in Canada is calling for a week of action from December 7 – December 14, 2012 to put pressure on Liberal MPPs throughout the Province to reverse the decision to eliminate the Community Start-Up and Maintenance Benefit (CSUMB)
  • Published on Nov 22, 2012
    • A discussion on the implications of the cut to the Community Start-Up and Maintenance Benefit along with further plans by the coalition against poverty to fight the cut

According to the November 2012 report “The Real Cost of Cutting the Community Start-Up and Maintenance Benefit: A Health Equity Impact Assessment,”

  • “In its 2012 budget, the Ontario government announced that it was eliminating the Community Start-Up and Maintenance Benefit (CSUMB)  as of January 1, 2013
    • As of January 1, 2013, the CSUMB will end and 50 percent of its funding ($67 million in 2013-20142) will be passed to municipalities as part of the Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative (CHPI), the first phase of a multi-year consolidation of housing programs

    • Municipalities will determine how their provincial funds will be spent, but will not be required to produce housing and homelessness plans until 2014, ­ a full year after taking responsibility for CHPI that was created in July 2012 by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing under the province’s Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy

      • The Ministry will eventually consolidate twenty housing and homelessness programs currently administered in different ministries

      • Supports provided with CHPI funding will be available to all low income Ontarians, including but not limited to those on social assistance3

      • It is not yet known how municipalities will decide to run their local housing and homelessness programs

      • As part of the Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy, municipalities must produce local housing and homelessness plans in order to address housing needs in their communities, but these plans are not required until 2014

      • The province has not set any requirement for municipalities to deliver programs that cover the expenses that were eligible for the CSUMB, nor have they made public the terms under which municipalities will deliver consolidated homelessness prevention programs