There are exciting celebratory events happening in Montreal, Quebec and Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

  • Most events are FREE.

This video presents “Festival recap – BARBEGAZI 2013.”

  • BARBEGAZI 2013 – Action Sports Festival at the Esplanade Financière Sun Life, Parc Olympique,  Montréal, Quebec, Canada.

Launch of the 2013-2014 Winter Program of the Olympic Park: ENTER PLAY OUTSIDE the Sun Life Financial Esplanade!

FREE  Admissions

Located East of the Olympic Stadium, Montréal, Quebec, Canada

December 1, 2013 to January 5, 2014

February 7, 2014

February 15 and 16, 2014

  • Olympic Park announced that the Esplanade will once again host an authentic Winter Village , a central element of its winter program that will include family, FREE and accessible activities.
  • Fitted this year in the area 100 of the Sun Life Financial Esplanade, which is located behind the Pie-IX metro, this new version of the Olympic Winter Park Village will feature a rink, allowing everyone to skate FREE and, even in mild weather thanks to its cooling system.
    • For the second year, the Winter Village is easily recognizable by its huge natural tree which this year, will measure 65 feet tall!
      • It will certainly return to Montreal as Sun Life Financial Esplanade will be hosted throughout the cold season.
  • The official opening of the site on December 1 will be highlighted by a fundraiser to benefit the organization’s Frimousse, a toy lending library of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.
    • For the modest sum of $2, children and adults can come affix a huge Christmas tree decoration in the Winter Village and are collected for each design will be donated to the toy library.
    • They will also be on site to donate new toys to contribute to service the loan toys Frimousse.
    • And to close the festival in style, end of the day, the Olympic Park will illuminate all lights to shine throughout the winter!

The following public consultations and open houses will take place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Public Consultations on Strong Toronto Neighbourhoods Strategy 2020

As part of the development of the Toronto Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy 2020, the City of Toronto is conducting public consultations to determine how to choose the next generation of Neighbourhood Improvement Areas – formerly known as Priority Neighbourhoods.

  • By partnering with residents, businesses and agencies to invest in people, services, programs and facilities in Neighbourhood Improvement Areas, the strategy is designed to
    • strengthen social, economic and physical conditions of neighbourhoods,
    • support healthy communities across Toronto, and
    • deliver local impact for city-wide change.
  • In 2005, City Council identified 13 Priority Neighbourhoods (a.k.a. Neighbourhood Improvement Areas in the Strategy 2020).
    • The Toronto Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy 2020 includes important updates, updated goals, new criteria for choosing Neighbourhood Improvement Areas, a new monitoring and evaluation process, and the development of a new plan to ensure broader regional, provincial and national policies and programs to help strengthen all neighbourhoods.

All Toronto residents are encouraged to participate and provide the City with feedback about this important strategy via the following ways.

Read more of Your Input: Toronto Neighbourhoods Oct.3-Nov.1 + Open Houses on Eglinton Ave.’s Future Oct.7-9, 2013

This video presents “Tunnelling for The Crosstown”:

  • Metrolinx is moving ahead on the Eglinton Crosstown LRT project, part of the Province’s 8.4 billion dollar investment in transit expansion for Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Metrolinx's image: The Crosstown

Metrolinx’s image: The Crosstown

This is an update to my previous blogs:

The Eglinton Crosstown LRT is part of the Government of Ontario’s comprehensive light rail transit plan for Toronto:

Read more of You’re Invited: Metrolinx’s Meeting on Proposed East Tunnel Extension of The Crosstown April 23, 2013

Option A considers a Light Rail Transit technology option for the Sheppard Avenue East Corridor. The route alignment provides 13km of rapid transit connecting the existing subway station at Don Mills to LRT running from Don Mills to Morningside. The proposed LRT line would provide 25 stops.

Option A considers a Light Rail Transit technology option for the Sheppard Avenue East Corridor. The route alignment provides 13km of rapid transit connecting the existing subway station at Don Mills to LRT running from Don Mills to Morningside. The proposed LRT line would provide 25 stops.

Some major partners involved with the Sheppard Avenue East Light Rail Transit project are:

Also, the Government of Canada, Province of Ontario and City of Toronto are bringing improved transit to North York and Scarborough.

The Sheppard Avenue East Light Rail Transit (LRT) project in Toronto will have the following features:

  • A 12km light rail transit for customers to travel on Sheppard Avenue between Don Mills Subway Station and Meadowvale Road
  • LRT will enter a tunnel just west of Consumers Road, travel under Highway 404 and connect directly to the subway level at Don Mills Station
  • Bus service on Sheppard Avenue East, east of Don Mills Road, will be replaced with environmentally friendly, modern electrically-powered light rail vehicles (made by Bombardier) operating in dedicated transit lanes, at street level in the centre of Sheppard Avenue East, separated from traffic

Transit City is an initiative to build eight new Light Rail Transit lines across Toronto to accommodate population growth and economic development with the following futuristic highlights:

  • Transit City routes will be accessible to customers with all levels of mobility
  • Provide transit users with a high level of customer service and seamless connections with existing and future transit services
  • Bombardier’s Light Rail Vehicles to be used on all Transit City projects will have significant service improvements, including:
    • Fast boarding from multiple doors
    • Proof of Payment (no tokens)
    • Fully accessible
    • Travel at 50-60 km/h
    • Increased capacity (280 passengers/vehicle)
    • zero emissions on the street
  • Construction activities have started to build a convenient connection with GO
  • Transit at the Agincourt GO station
  • The Sheppard East LRT will be completed and service will begin in 2014.
Above, Conceptualization of Sheppard Avenue East LRT.

Above, Conceptualization of Sheppard Avenue East LRT.

This project will transform Sheppard Avenue East and provide transit users with many improvements and benefits including:

Read more of Expert Advisory Panel’s Reasons to Recommend Sheppard Avenue East Light Rail Transit