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Help Decide the Future of Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway East at a Public Forum #5 Meeting or Live Webcast on January 19, 2016: Registration is Required

The following video presents Gardiner Expressway options:

The Hybrid option was endorsed by Toronto City Council as the preferred alternative for the Gardiner Expressway East on June 11, 2015.

The upcoming public meeting on January 19, 2016, will present the results on the evaluation of the alternative designs for the Hybrid option, as well as urban design concepts for the study area.

What is the hybrid option?
Following direction from the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee of Toronto City Council, an additional hybrid option that combined the maintain and replace alternatives was prepared to preserve expressway linkage and functionality between the Gardiner Expressway and the Don Valley Parkway, as well as:

  • Re-decking of the existing elevated expressway east of Jarvis Street;
  • Re-decking of existing Gardiner-Don Valley Parkway ramps;
  • Removal of about 750 metres (eastbound lanes) and 850 metres (westbound lanes) of the existing Gardiner on/off ramps west of Logan Avenue;
  • Addition of two new ramps (two lanes each) in the Keating precinct:
    • about 470 metres of new westbound on-ramp; and
    • about 425 metres of new eastbound off-ramp;
  • Realignment of Lake Shore Boulevard from Cherry Street to Don River; and
  • Construction of a new multi-use pathway, as well as some pedestrian and intersection improvements.

More background about the hybrid option is provided at–%20Hybrid.pdf (pdf).

Gardiner Expressway and Lake Shore Boulevard, approximately east of Jarvis Street. (Photo: City of Toronto)
Gardiner Expressway and Lake Shore Boulevard, approximately east of Jarvis Street. (Photo: City of Toronto)

The Gardiner East EA (Environmental Assessment) Facilitator’s Office invites you to the join them at an upcoming public meeting – Public Forum #5 – where you can:

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Your Input in February 2014: Toronto’s Electronic & Illuminated Signs + Gardiner Expressway East

In February, Toronto wants your input at public consultation meetings in Ontario, Canada, regarding:

  • Toronto’s electronic and illuminated signs and billboards.
  • The future of the Gardiner Expressway East.
Photo: City of Toronto
Photo: City of Toronto

Toronto’s Electronic and Illuminated Signs and Billboards

This is an update to the previous blog, Your Input: Toronto’s Employment Lands Sept.19 + Electronic & Illuminated Signs Sept.23-26, 2013.

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Your Input: Walks and Gardens Art Contest Ends Jun.14 + Gardiner Expy East’s Future – Public Forum Jun.13, 2013

The City of Toronto in Ontario, Canada, wants your input for the two events that are described here:

This silent video presents “Union Station Toronto – Simulation of future evening peak”:

  • From 6 seconds to 10 seconds, the video shows part of the Front Street pedestrian bridge which connects the front entrance of Union Station to Front Street
  • From 12 seconds to 25 seconds, you see passengers and visitors walking in the Centre Bridge Area below the Front Street pedestrian bridge

You’re invited to provide input for Toronto’s Walks and Gardens art competition

Toronto invites your input into the designs of five international artists shortlisted in a public art competition:

  • The artists are competing for the opportunity to create and showcase a 21-metre, permanent art installation at Union Station in commemoration of the Walks and Gardens Trust
    • A portion of Union Station building sits on the original Walks and Gardens Trust lands

  • The designs:
    • range from interactive digital pieces to a multicoloured mural

    • artists are:

      • Gisele Amantea
      • Jason Bruges
      • Jim Verburg and Ryan Crouchman 
      • LAb[au]
      • Geoff McFetridge — with Barry Ditto
    • are on display this week from June 11 to 14 at Union Station – Canada’s busiest and most important transit hub

The winning artwork will be installed on the north wall of the new pedestrian walkway (also known as the centre moat) under the Front Street pedestrian bridge: