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You’re Invited: Frolic 2 Launch (Dec.6, 6–9 PM) & Events (Dec.6-9, 2012)

Lynn Christine Kelly invites you to the Frolic 2 Launch event happening today as well as the 401 Richmond’s weekend events in Toronto, Ontario, Canada:

December 5, 2012

Hi there,
As you know, my studio is located in the arts building at 401 Richmond Street West in downtown Toronto. Tomorrow is the kickoff to the annual Frolic event. I know it’s called Frolic “2” but really it’s been going on for a while. This is just the 2nd year it’s been named. Thursday night is the big gala night with parties and receptions all over the building, and then the galleries, vendors, and many studios will be open Friday and Saturday as well. My doors will be open all 3 days. And by the way – I need space!!! So, in addition to having a look at what I’m working on now, you’ll get a chance to snap up a bargain on some older work.

Enjoy a good art and craft infusion and do some shopping while you’re at it!
See you soon!

Lynn also informs us: