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Funds for Youth Employment Sept.2013, More Legal Aid & Developmental Services in Ontario Canada

This video presents “Premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne, announces new Strategy for Youth Employment in Toronto.”

  • Jobs and Opportunity for Youth | Des emplois et des possibilités pour la jeunesse.
  • The new Ontario government launched its comprehensive Youth Jobs Strategy, which would help more young people find jobs and make sure employers can hire the skilled workers they need to thrive in today’s economy.
    • A highly skilled and adaptable workforce is critical to Ontario’s continued economic success.
  • The following funding strategy would focus on jobs, entrepreneurship and innovation for youth in Ontario:
    • Ontario Youth Employment Fund – would create new job opportunities for youth across Ontario.
    • Ontario Youth Entrepreneurship Fund – supports the next generation of entrepreneurs through mentorship, startup capital and outreach.
    • Ontario Youth Innovation Fund – supports youth to lead and manage industrial research, development and commercialization.
      It would also support young entrepreneurs at universities and colleges.
    • Business-Labour Connectivity and Training Fund to bring together business, labour, educators and youth to better prepare young people to develop the skills they need to succeed.
  • The entire funding strategy would be supported by a total investment of $295 million over two years, and would create 30,000 new job opportunities.

Youth Employment Fund September 2013: Helping Young People Find Good Jobs
Youth Employment Fund September 2013: Helping Young People Find Good Jobs

Youth Employment Fund Starting September 2013

  • As part of the new Youth Jobs Strategy, Ontario’s new Youth Employment Fund will help more young people find jobs as well as ensure that employers can find the skilled workers they need to grow their businesses.
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Please Urge Premier Wynne to Increase Ontario Works’ Base Rate by $100 a Month & Not Cut the Special Diet Allowance

This video presents “Put Food in the Budget”:

  • “Do the Math is part of the Put Food in the Budget campaign in OntarioOK
  • Currently a single person on social assistance gets $585 per month to cover housing, food, transport, and everything else”
  • As I found out taking the Do the Math challenge, this amount is not enough for to cover a healthy food supply and forces those in need to find a different food bank sources for day to day
  • “Do the Math yourself and advocate to Put Food In the Budget with an extra $100 increase in social assistance to support healthy food choices”

In the following letter,  Put Food in the Budget urges us to:

  • Please call Premier Kathleen Wynne at 416-325-1941 and tell her to immediately increase the base rate of Ontario Works by $100 a month – and to not cut the special diet allowance
  • As well, please contact MPPs in your local ridings to encourage them to support the $100 base rate increase
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Students Apply Now For New 30% Off Ontario Tuition for Canadian Postsecondary Education

Premier Dalton McGuinty launches the new, 30% Off Ontario Tuition grant at Wilfrid Laurier University today, as shown in this video:

2012 is starting well for students in Ontario, Canada.

The good news is that students in colleges and universities can apply to the new, permanent 30% Off Ontario Tuition grant, starting today.

The Ontario government will give the following monies to eligible full-time students at public colleges or universities in Ontario:

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Eglinton-Scarborough Crosstown Construction: New Transit & Jobs for Canadians

The Eglinton-Scarborough Crosstown is one of the largest transit expansion projects in North America today — and it’s happening right here in Toronto as shown in this video:

TTC and Metrolinx, a provincial Crown agency, are bringing new transit to Toronto – starting with the Eglinton-Scarborough Crosstown line.

Eglinton-Scarborough Crosstown project is funded by the Province of Ontario through Metrolinx.

The commuting benefits of Eglinton-Scarborough Crosstown line include:

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Ontario Gets Digital and Doubles Jobs in Interactive Digital Media Industry

As you are well aware the interactive digital gaming world is on the rise since interactive video games are all the rage.

Ontario wants a piece of the action as a major player in the interactive gaming world with the following incentives for companies to create their products in the province:

  • Reducing small business income taxes by 18 per cent.

Here are the highlights of the growth of the province’s digital media industry:

  • “In 2010, Ontario supported 341 digital media projects, leading to over $175 million in production and development activity.
  • Digital media production contributes almost $1.5 billion annually to Ontario’s economy and employs 16,000 people, up from 8,000 in 2000.
  • Ontario is home to about 1,000 interactive digital media companies.
  • The Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit was valued at close to $20 million in 2009-10.
  • Ontario is building an innovation-focused economy through postsecondary education and technology with partnerships like the Screen Industries Research and Training Centre. New digital media technologies spur development in video games, movie making and web applications and help create jobs for Ontario graduates.”

The interactive digital media companies that have invested millions to set up and expand studios in partnership with the Ontario government include:

  • Ascension CrossMedia is involved in a new form of gaming called “connected transmedia”. That means a player can play one game on their TV, console and mobile devices. Premier Dalton McGuinty visited Ascension CrossMedia today to check out the entertaining and engaging games!

Please click here if you would like to explore opportunities to be “Creative? Consider taking interactive digital media courses.”

Ontario Gets Digital and Doubles Jobs in Interactive Digital Media Industry
Ontario Gets Digital and Doubles Jobs in Interactive Digital Media Industry

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Good Things Grow in Ontario’s Family Farms With Improved Protection and Support

Mmmm Good, healthy and delicious food grow in Ontario!

Please choose locally grown food in your neighbourhood markets to support our fantastic farmers in Ontario, Canada.

Ontario family farms can count on my support to buy their fresh produce.

Also, Ontario farmers can rely on the Ontario Government to provide stable financial support to weather price fluctuations during unpredictable times due to weather and global market changes.

Today is a historic day for Ontario’s family farms as the government announces and implements the New Risk Management Programs as the biggest policy change in 30 years.

The features of the New Risk Management Programs include:

  • Bankability, stability and predictability while responding to market trends over the long term.
  • To help grain and oilseed farmers manage costs, the government is extending the current pilot Risk Management Program, and will be making the risk management program for grain and oilseed farmers permanent.
  • A new Risk Management Program will be set up for cattle, hog, sheep and veal farmers.
  • A Self-Directed Risk Management Program for the edible horticulture sector.
  • The cost of these programs will be shared between the Ontario government and farmers. Ontario strongly encourages the federal government to partner with the province and farmers in these important programs.
  • Since 2003–04, farm income stabilization programs totalling more than $1.9 billion have helped farmers deal with bad weather, volatile prices and rising costs.
  • The government continues to promote Ontario foods through such initiatives as Foodland Ontario.
  • Ontario’s agri-food sector is one of the province’s leading industries, contributing more than $33 billion annually to the economy.

In recognition of the innovations developed by farmers, agri-food businesses and organizations, awards of the Agri-Food Innovation Excellence program are presented to 55 winners each year.

The two top awards for Agri-food Innovation Excellence are a Premier’s Award and a Minister’s Award.

The Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence has attracted more than 900 applications highlighting on-farm innovations since 2006.

Congratulations to the following farmers who  received today the top two awards:

  • Paul and Rosie Hill of Willowgrove Hill received the Premier’s Award for producing DHA Omega-3 enriched pork.
    • They are the first pork producers in North America to do this.These are considered essential nutrients for the maintenance of general human health, normal growth and development.
    • The pork is also enhanced with organic selenium, an antioxidant considered an essential trace element in the human diet.
    • In just two years, Willowgrove Hill has seen their nutritionally enhanced pork products jump from two to 90 per cent of their total sales.
  • Arie and Lisa Duizer of Duizer Farms received the Minister’s Award for the innovative design of their robotic dairy barn.
    • It enables a single producer to manage a milking herd of up to 120 cows.
    • The investment has paid dividends in labour savings and improved herd health.
    • More than 1,000 dairy producers from around the world have come to visit this innovative barn.
Good Things Grow in Ontario's Family Farms With Improved Protection and Support
Good Things Grow in Ontario's Family Farms With Improved Protection and Support

Fifty-five other winners will be awarded for their work at regional ceremonies later this spring.

Please click here to try new recipes using Ontario food.