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Ontario’s Training Program Vouchers for Canadian Social Enterprises & Entrepreneurs Who May Apply August 29, 2016 – July 3, 2017; Delivery Organizations Apply before June 13, 2016

The following video presents Social Enterprise in Ontario:

“Social Enterprise makes up a sector of the economy that focusses on a triple bottom line: profits, people, and the environment.

Meet some of the social entrepreneurs in and around Ontario, and learn what it means to be a social entrepreneur.”

"Making an Impact: Ontario’s Social Enterprise Progress Report 2015": page 6
“Making an Impact: Ontario’s Social Enterprise Progress Report 2015”: page 6

Social enterprises use business strategies to achieve a social or environmental impact.

Ontario recently announced the successful Ontario Social Impact Voucher program will return for the second year.

  • In partnership with the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), the Ontario Social Impact Voucher (OSIV) program will provide 200 vouchers worth up to $3,000 each to eligible social entrepreneurs across Ontario to access relevant training programs such as business planning or marketing to help scale up their business.

OCE will select delivery organizations as service providers for eligible social entrepreneurs and enterprises awarded a Social Impact Voucher through an open call.

  • The application process for delivery organizations is open from May 9, 2016 to June 13, 2016.

Social entrepreneurs and enterprises will apply to the OSIV Program once delivery organizations are selected.

  • A maximum of one voucher will be allocated per eligible social enterprise.
  • The application process for social entrepreneurs and enterprises will open from August 29, 2016 to July 31, 2017.
  • Funding for this program is provided by the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure (MEDEI).