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Town Hall Meetings on Toronto Hydro’s Response to Ice Storm: March 6, 2014

This video presents “Toronto Hydro on ice storm recovery News.”

  • CBC News speaks with Toronto Hydro spokeswoman Jennifer Link.

CBC News: "Toronto Hydro on ice storm recovery News
CBC News: “Toronto Hydro on ice storm recovery News

Toronto residents and business owners will have an opportunity to comment on Toronto Hydro’s preparation for and response to the ice storm at the following town hall meetings on March 6, from 7 to 9:30 p.m., in the council chambers at the following locations:

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Ice Storm Updates of Toronto & Ontario: Torontonians Get Grocery Gift Cards Dec.31-Jan.2, 2014

This CBCnews video presents “Ice storm compensation.”

This is an update to these previous blogs:

City of Toronto Ice Storm Update: Dec. 30

  • Mayor Ford has called a special meeting of City Council in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
    • It will be held at 9:30 a.m. on Friday, January 10, 2014 in the Council Chamber, Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen St. W., for the following purposes:
      • To consider a report from the City Manager on the ice storm, including a request for Provincial assistance under the Ontario Disaster Relief Assistance Program.
      • To introduce and enact a confirming bylaw for this special meeting.
    • The agenda for the special meeting will be distributed and posted to as soon as it is available.
  • Hydro Update.
    • Toronto Hydro reports there are now approximately 725 customers without service, and crews have been dispatched to these locations.
    • Work will continue until all outages are addressed.
    • In addition, there are approximately 680 locations that have received Electrical Safety Authority approval to reenergize following repairs to electrical stand pipes that were damaged in the storm.
      • Toronto Hydro has dispatched crews to all of these locations.
      • Customers who are required to make repairs before their service can be reconnected must have that work completed by an ESA/ECRA licensed electrical contractor.
      • The licensed electrical contractor will take out the necessary electrical permit from the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA), make the repairs and arrange for an inspection.
        • Once complete, ESA will notify Toronto Hydro that power is authorized for reconnection.
    • Customers that reside in a neighbourhood that has been restored but are still without power must report the outage to Hydro by calling 416-542-8000.
  • Tree Debris Removal begins January 3.
    • Work to clear all tree debris will begin on Friday, January 3 and it will continue for approximately eight weeks, weather permitting.
    • Residents are asked to place their tree debris on the curb or the boulevard by Thursday, January 2.
    • Please remember to provide at least one metre of clearance to ensure those with mobility issues can pass safely.
    • Large limb or stem (body) wood from private trees that have fallen on private property should not be taken to the curb.
      • Property owners should contact a private contractor to remove this material.
  • Toronto Roads and Traffic.
    • Power has been restored to all signals and all signals are operating normally.
    • However, the power supply is not quite stable at all signalized intersections and there may be fluctuations in the Hydro supply voltage which can result in a few signals being temporarily “all-out” or on flash.
      • Motorists are reminded to treat any intersection without functioning signal lights as an all-way stop.
      • In such cases, the public should call 311 and the City will send a crew to investigate and fix the problem.
    • Parking consideration will be provided for residents who park on the street beyond posted times due to limited access to icy or blocked driveways.
      • If the homeowner receives a parking ticket, there is an application that can be filled out to describe the circumstances and request ticket cancellation at .
      • Completed application forms and documentation can be faxed to 416-696-3652 or sent via e-mail to .
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Ice Storm Updates from Toronto and Ontario Dec. 29, 2013

This is an update to these previous blogs:

City of Toronto Ice Storm Update: Dec. 29

  • Hydro Update.
    • Toronto Hydro is reporting that approximately 6,000 customers are now without power.
    • Hydro One crews and personnel from Hamilton, Sault Ste Marie, Windsor, Ottawa and Manitoba are assisting with the restoration efforts.
    • In situations where the homeowner is required to make repairs before the power can be restored, the homeowner will need to provide Hydro with the ESA inspection certificate number and customer contact information.
      • Homeowners are advised to call 416-542-8000 with this information so that Hydro can initiate a work order.
  • There are currently 70 Forestry crews and 17 staff in single vehicles triaging calls and working closely with Toronto Hydro.
    • The Forestry crews work to clear downed trees and fallen branches and facilitate access for hydro crews to work on power restoration.
    • There are also 13 forestry crews from Ottawa and London that are assisting Toronto’s forestry staff with debris removal.
  • Members of the public are urged to be aware of their surroundings.
    • Residents are urged to watch for falling ice around buildings, large structures (such as cranes), and vehicles, particularly around large trucks.
    • Residents are also urged to exercise extreme caution and avoid walking under trees that are covered in ice, particularly in parks, wooded valleys, and near playgrounds.
  • Toronto Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS).
    • Call volumes continue to be higher, but are approaching normal levels for both Toronto EMS and Toronto Fire Services.
  • When power does return to your home, check all appliances and ensure they are operating properly.
  • The Ontario Provincial Police and Toronto Police Services have been canvassing door-to-door in neighbourhoods where power outages continue.
    • Residents are asked to please check on seniors and vulnerable residents.
  • Work to clear all tree debris is expected to begin January 3 and it will continue for approximately eight weeks, weather permitting.
  • Chainsaw Safety.
    • Only use a chainsaw that you have been trained to use properly and safely.
    • Always wear protective equipment and clothing.
    • Be aware of your surroundings such as weather conditions, terrain, wildlife, buildings, power lines, vehicles, and other people.
  • Toronto Roads and Traffic.
    • The number of signalized intersections without power continues to decrease.
      • An estimated 30 traffic signals remain without power.
    • Transportation Services expects that number will decrease further today.
    • There are more than 40 Transportation crews currently addressing debris management especially around schools, and there are more than 40 crews focused on repairing potholes again today.
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Toronto Flood & Power Outage Updates + Services Alerts: July 10, 2013

This video presents “Power outages, flooding make commuting a nightmare in downtown Toronto.”

  • A massive power outage in downtown Toronto on Monday evening was accompanied by flooding following intense rain, making the commute home difficult for many in the downtown core.

This is an update to my previous blogs:

TTC service update for morning of July 10

Recent Update (at 11:55 am, July 10, 2013): Full TTC subway service resumes on Bloor-Danforth line because full electrical power was delivered there and the Toronto Transit Commission has restored full subway service to Kipling Station on the Bloor-Danforth line.

  • Subway service on the Bloor-Danforth line between Jane and Kipling stations will remain suspended for Wenesday morning’s rush hour.
  • The Toronto Transit Commission is awaiting the restoration of power in the city’s west end.
    • Once that occurs, the TTC will restore full subway service to Kipling Station.
  • In the meantime, the TTC will continue to operate approximately 70 shuttle buses along the line to get people to their destinations.
  • Follow @TTCNotices or subscribe to TTC e-alerts at for the latest TTC service advisories.
    • Elevator Alert: Finch Station, mezzanine to kiss and ride, out of service. (Last updated Jul 9, 12:41 PM)

July 9 – Afternoon update on City of Toronto services after intense rainfall of July 8

  • City of Toronto crews and the City’s Emergency Operations Centre continue to work closely with Toronto Hydro and the TTC to manage the impacts of the intense rainfall of July 8 and to restore service levels as quickly as possible.
  • Toronto electricity consumers are asked to reduce their electricity use today where possible to help relieve the strain on the system.
    • Energy conservation tips include:
      • Turning off all non-essential internal and external lights.
      • Setting air conditioners to at least 25°C.
      • Using fans as an alternative to air conditioners and closing curtains/blinds to keep out the sun and retain cooler air inside.
      • Limiting the use of major power-consuming equipment such as dishwashers, washers and dryers and swimming pool pumps.
    • For more tips on conserving energy, visit
    • Call Toronto Hydro-Electric System’s Lights Out number at 416-542-8000 to report a power outage in areas other than those already being addressed.
  • The Red Cross is also working with the City and is conducting wellness checks at Toronto Community Housing buildings and seniors’ residences in the area affected by prolonged power outages.
    • The Red Cross is providing information and general messaging on food safety and what to do during an outage.
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Toronto Alerts: More Flooding & Power Outage Updates of July 9, 2013

flooding basement toronto

This is an update to my previous blog Toronto Alerts: Update on Flooding Impacts & Emergency Services July 8-9, 2013 .

City of Toronto Recent  Update: City services resuming following yesterday’s intense rainfall

  • City crews and the City’s Emergency Operations Centre have been working closely throughout the night with Toronto Hydro and the TTC to manage impacts to residents and restore services to residents as quickly as possible after yesterday’s intense rainfall.
  • Environment Canada advises that all weather warnings across the Toronto area have ended.
  • The main issue relates to a lack of supply from a Hydro One station in Toronto due to flooding.
  • Hydro One has made significant progress throughout the night to restore power to approximately 90 per cent of customers that were impacted by power interruptions caused by flooding at its Richview and Manby Transmission Stations (TS).
    • At its peak approximately 400 – 500,000 customers in the GTA  (Greater Toronto Area) were affected by the Hydro One outage yesterday.
    • Working through the night, Hydro One reconfigured its GTA electricity system to restore power to as many people as possible.
    • For this reason, the system is not yet stabilized and the potential for additional outages exists.
    • The Company is asking that people take steps today to conserve electricity and consider powering down heavy equipment such as air conditioners in order to reduce strain on the local system.
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Green Neighbours 21: Great Green Events and News of Toronto

Green Neighbours 21: Great Green Events and News of Toronto
Green Neighbours 21: Great Green Events and News of Toronto

Green Neighbours 21 is a grassroots, action-oriented group of people living in Ward 21 area of Toronto (and beyond) in Ontario, Canada, who are working together to respond to climate change and other environmental issues.

As an environmental group, Ward 21 (St. Paul’s) residents of Green Neighbours 21 have been actively installing solar energy projects on their own roofs for years.

Green Neighbours 21 have recently informed me about the following green events (in chronological order) as well as green news in Toronto neighbourhoods.