Here are some city alerts for Toronto in Ontario, Canada:

This video presents “Toronto Mayor Rob Ford launches anti-postering campaign”:

  • Mayor Rob Ford launched an “anti-postering” campaign as part of the city’s Clean Toronto Together initiative.
  • Ford says residents should use street furniture kiosks, not hydro poles, for community posters.
  • Councilor Vincent Crisanti and Ford also cleaned up a bus shelter.

City of Toronto's image: Examples of poster-structures.

City of Toronto’s image: Examples of poster-structures.

City of Toronto's image: Living in Condominiums

City of Toronto’s image: Living in Condominiums

The purposes of the public consultation with condominium occupants are:

  • To identify possible changes to City policies as they relate to condo living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, such as:
    • Access to parks and dog parks
    • Open Space
    • Recreational and community amenities
    • Parking and visitor parking
    • Infrastructure
    • Childcare options in the neighborhood
  • To engage condominium residents, condominium boards, businesses located in condominium buildings, property managers as well as other members of the public

The first round of meetings identified issues that condo residents are experiencing:

This second round of public consultation will be about testing ideas to address the issues.

Toronto is hosting four meetings wherein you can learn more about this study and share your thoughts in the following ways:

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This video presents “Traffic Congestion in Toronto Feature – Toronto Today”:

  • A great feature story by Sydney Poulos

Toronto in Ontario, Canada, is growing for the following reasons:

  • Toronto is recognized as one of the world’s top seven intelligent communities of the year 2013 by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) – Kudos to Toronto:
    • “For creating local prosperity and inclusion using broadband and information technology to attract leading-edge businesses, build skills, generate economic growth, and improve the delivery of government services”

    • “Toronto has the largest information technology sector in Canada and the third largest in North America,” said Mayor Rob Ford. “Over 160,000 people are employed in the local Information technology sector and that figure is expected to grow by 35,000 over the next five years.”

  • Toronto leads all North American municipalities in large scale development, and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) is projected to add another 3 million people by 2036

Consequently, congestion in Toronto is adversely affecting our:

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Toronto Budget 2011

Toronto Budget 2011


January 10, 2011

Mayor Rob Ford launches Budget 2011

Mayor Rob Ford officially launched the 2011 City budget today, with comments to the media and the Budget Committee.

“I’m here today to tell the Budget Committee and the people of Toronto that your City government can cut its costs and still deliver excellent service,” said Mayor Ford. “It’s time to listen to the taxpayers of Toronto and do what’s right with their hard-earned money.”

At the Budget Committee meeting this morning, City Manager Joe Pennachetti and Chief Financial Officer Cam Weldon will present the staff-proposed 2011 city budget to Budget Committee, led by Budget Chair Mike Del Grande, to begin the official Council review process.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada News Release

December 29, 2010

Mayor and councillors to greet residents at New Year’s Day Levee at Toronto City Hall

Mayor Rob Ford and Toronto City Councillors will host a New Year’s Day Levee in the rotunda of City Hall – an opportunity for them to meet Toronto residents and celebrate the beginning of 2011.

Date: Saturday, January 1
Time: 2 to 4 p.m.
Location: Rotunda, Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen St. W.

The annual New Year’s Day Levee is a tradition in Canada that dates back several centuries to the time of the fur traders of New France.

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News Release

Photo Op

December 1, 2010

The Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada to pay an official visit to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Their Excellencies the Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, and Mrs. Sharon Johnston will visit Mayor Rob Ford as part of their official visit to Ontario, Canada. The event is a photo opportunity only.

Date: Friday, December 3
Time: 11:30 a.m.
Location: City Hall, 100 Queen St. West, Toronto, outside the main entrance to City Hall

Photo opportunity: Their Excellencies will be greeted by Mayor Rob Ford at the main doors of City Hall where they walk past a guard of honour including members of Toronto EMS, the Toronto Fire Service, the Toronto Police Service, the Toronto Transit Commission and City staff. They will walk through City Hall, up the west staircase, and into the Protocol Lounge to sign the official guest book and pose for a brief photo opportunity.

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