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You’re Invited: Tree Planting Events in Ontario April 28, May 5 & May 9, 2012

Did you know that trees provide health, economic and environmental benefits to you and your neighbourhood?

Trees in Toronto, Ontario, Canada:

  • can store 2.6 tons of carbon (pollution) per acre of trees annually,
    • and concomitantly gives enough oxygen daily for 18 people
  • provide relief for city residents by softening the harsh texture of concrete buildings and landscape
  • offer privacy screens
  • provide protection from the sun’s UV rays
  • provide natural habitats for birds, insects and other wildlife
  • help prevent soil erosion
    • also, help prevent flooding
  • provide tree canopy so that air temperatures are lowered considerably in streets and parking lots
    • City areas without tree cover are known as “heat islands” which can cause cities to be five to nine degrees warmer than surrounding areas.
  • boost the City’s image and can help attract residents, tourists and investors
  • can increase the value of homes significantly
  • deciduous trees planted on the south and west sides of a house can reduce air conditioning needs substantially
  • evergreens planted on the north side of a house act as windbreaks, lowering winter heating costs by up to 10 per cent
  • for every 5 per cent of tree cover area added to a community, storm water run-off is reduced by approximately 2 per cent
  • in 50 years, one tree can:
    • generate $30,000 in oxygen,
    • recycle $35,000 of water,
    • and eliminate pollutants that would otherwise cost $60,000 to remove from the air

Thus, trees “with their health, economic and environmental benefits are the lifelines of our city.”

You are invited to the following great tree planting events in Ontario, Canada: