Today is World Day to End Extreme Poverty of Canadians: Update

Here is an updated itinerary of today’s events for World Day to End Extreme Poverty of Canadians, which is also known as International Day for the Eradication of Poverty:


International Day for The Eradication of Poverty 2010

AKA – World Day To End Extreme Poverty

Location: Fairy Lake Park, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada (Water Street and Eagle Street)

Time: 1-7PM;  Main-stage Performers – 5PM

1PM: 2PM Drumming / background music, Hot Food – served from Gazebo location

1-5PM: Info Booths, Street Performers

2PM: Main-stage MC Tom Pearson welcomes – Mayor – introduces the 1st speaker – year of the youth – Greg Carbis (teen) who will read the pledge against poverty followed by “Open Mic” for those speaking out about poverty. Those speaking from experience get 1st opportunity.

2:45PM: Engagement Interlude –

3PM: “Do The Math” participants speak about their experiences eating a food-bank diet including York Region Media Group’s Era Banner Editor in Chief Debora Kelly, Michael and Christine Way Skinner (and family), Rabbi Martin and Rachel Steinhouse.

3:15PM: Open Mic – Politi-Speak: Public can speak about any ideas to move things politically. Politicians may speak however no electioneering and they must speak about what they do towards eradicating poverty or provide useful information. Regional Councilor John Taylor will bring people up to date on what the Region is doing and where they are headed in regards to poverty reduction measures if any. Guest speakers TBA for York Region Social Audit.

4:15PM: Engagement Interlude – engage politicians, others in ideas…


Open Mic – music/spoken word

Main-stage Performers:

Ninos Kom Tin drummers/singers, Composer/ Singer – Guitarists Glen Marais, Fred Joly, Brenda Bakos, Rappers – Krhyme Syndicate, Hip Hopper- Darius Mirshahi aka TestamentSpotlight Theatre – Street Performers Andy Hileaga , Man of 1000 songs, Marcus Schwan (singer songwriter): at 4am (instrumental music, jazzy feel, great walking music):, Kathleen (acoustic singer songwriter, folk-country feel):…more TBA.