Dermatologists, cosmetic physicians and health experts come to the rescue of the female skin in distress by providing the following top 10 anti-aging remedies for women with wrinkles around the mouth. The medical remedies for aging skin are also known as Facial Rejuvenation procedures to restore your youthful appearance.

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  1. It has been reported that women on hormone replacement therapy have fewer wrinkles than those not taking the hormones.
  2. Injectable fillers are used to soften or eliminate fine or deep wrinkles that are caused directly by facial movement. The brand Botox is recognized by cosmetic physicians to be an effective remedy for this type of wrinkles.
  3. Superficial or deep fillers (ranging from collagen, hyaluronic acid, poly-L-lactic acid to silicone particles, bone cement, and even your own injected fat) are remedies for other types of wrinkles or for scars. These can also be used for soft tissue augmentation (most commonly lip augmentation).
  4. Resurfacing procedures such as laser treatment (light associated heat), microdermabrasion (physical sanding), and chemical peels (chemical treatments of the skin) are remedies for wrinkles involving larger areas or arising from sun-damage. “Many common skin creams advertised to improve facial wrinkles contain glycolic or other acids used in light chemical peels to help improve the tautness of your treated skin.”
  5. A combination of  injectable and resurfacing procedures and/or surgical rejuvenation are used to manage more serious skin aging.
  6. Surgical management that is involved in face and chin augmentation includes an additive (implants), reductive (excisions or tucks), or combined approach. The side effects include scarring and possibly some temporary numbness.
  7. Topical tretinoin and tazarotene improve fine lines and the general appearance of the skin by reversing sun damage and enhance collagen production. They can be combined with the above procedures to get better results.
  8. However, a notable plastic surgeon recommends that “the best thing anyone can do to keep their skin young is avoid smoking and avoid the sun and keep it moist. Use moisturizers and use skin creams.”  Furthermore, “smoking can hasten the effects of aging and make skin look years older than it actually is. It shrinks the blood vessels that supply oxygen and nutrients to the outer layers of our skin, depriving it of oxygen and vitamin A.”  The use of sunscreen is also important for preventing wrinkles and skin damage. So, it would be even better to use a moisturizer with sunscreen and wear a broad-brimmed hat outside.
  9. For sensational skin, eat superfoods that promote and enhance healthy skin. They include  blueberries (anti-oxidant protective, anti-inflammatory effects), eggs with Omega-3 fatty acids (anti-inflammatory effect), coffee (anti-oxidant protective effect), green tea (anti-oxidant protective, antibacterial effects), and nuts/seeds (Omega-3 fatty acids’ anti-inflammatory effect).
  10. Manage Stress effectively by exercising and using relaxation techniques. The negative effects of stress for the aging skin are decreased ability of the skin to repair and heal itself, and loss of skin elasticity due to the breakdown of collagen.

Consult with your dermatologist and cosmetic physician to determine what aging skin remedies in the above list would be suitable for you.

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