Calling Event Producers for Vancouver's Dialogues Project Closing Celebration Event

Calling Event Producers for Vancouver's Dialogues Project Closing Celebration Event

Dialogues Project is a celebration of multicultural diversity in Vancouver, Canada.

The project began in January 2010 and runs until July 2011.

And July 5, 2011 is the the date of the Dialogues Project Closing Celebration Event.

As a project funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia, Dialogues Project promotes increased understanding and stronger relationships between cultural communities via ‘Dialogues between First Nations, Urban Aboriginal and Immigrant Communities in Vancouver’ (the Dialogues Project).

The main initiatives of Dialogues Project are:

  1. Dialogue circles: for conversations on history, present community assets, and future cross-cultural alliances.
  2. Community action research: about their experiences and perceptions on social inclusion and inter-cultural relations in Vancouver
  3. Cultural visits: to host cultural visits/ exchanges to learn and engage with the histories and cultures of the groups
  4. Youth and elders program: Youth and elders act as liaisons between communities and as presenters to promote the project and related issues to interested groups
  5. Legacy projects: to generate more public awareness and support for the issues

Here is the call for Event Producers of the Dialogues Project Closing Celebration Event.

“The Vancouver Dialogues Project is seeking expressions of interest from Event Producers who are interested in planning and coordinating the Project’s closing celebration event.

The event will be the culmination of a 19-month long unique process engaging Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal/immigrant communities in Vancouver.

It will be held at the new Musqueam Cultural Centre and will include representatives from governments, Aboriginal and newcomer communities.

The Program will include the unveiling of a ‘Story’ document, the premiere screening of a Dialogues video, and various multi-media installations showcasing the project’s initiatives and activities.

This call for expressions of interest is open to Event Producers who can demonstrate the skills to produce arts and cultural events and multi-media installations.”

All applications must be submitted on or before March 23, 2011, 5:00 p.m. by email to:

Baldwin Wong, Dialogues Project

Please click here for more detailed info.


If you would like more information about the Dialogues Project, please email

Dialogues Project Team

Baldwin Wong, Social Planner and Dialogues Project Lead
Tel: 604.871.6637

Karen Fong, Dialogues Project Coordinator
Tel: 604.871.6324

Lanny Libby, Youth Engagement
Tel: 604.871.6136

Kamala Todd, Consultant

Mailing address:

City of Vancouver
Community Services Group, Social Policy Division
Woodward’s Heritage Bldg
Suite 501 – 111 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 1H4

Fax: 604.871.6048

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