Are You a New Year Resolution Keeper? Watch VILLAGE ON A DIET on Mondays!

Live Right Now
Live Right Now

You have made a nifty New Year resolution to lose some pounds and stay in shape.

Then the question is: are you a New Year resolution keeper?

To give you inspiration, encouragement and support:

  • watch the sweat and tears of determined Canadians to lose weight in Village on a Diet – on Mondays, at 9 p.m. (9:30 NT) on CBC-TV, this 11-part documentary TV series follows the people of Taylor, British Columbia, on their journey to better health as they commit to shedding one ton of collective weight in just three months. Village on a Diet series was launched on January 3, 2011; there are now eight more Monday shows to watch on CBC-TV.

Cheers to a Happy Healthy You in the New Year!

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