“PACC (Poverty Action for Change Coalition) Channel presents Snapshots from the Edge which raises awareness of low income, homelessness, and poverty issues in York Region as seen through the eyes of those helping to change things and those mired in it.”

“The photo-movie is set to Mark Seagull’s tune, “Put The Miles behind You” which has sold over 6.5 million records to date….”Seagully” was so moved by the issue after reading about a homeless father son that he stepped forward to do a benefit show….and hopes to help us raise a roof for those in need!”

The following two updates are good news from Tom Pearson, Chair of the  Poverty Action for Change Coalition (PACC).

(1) Here is an update to my previous blog York Region ISARC Social Audit Presentation at the Community And Health Services Committee Meeting:

  • “Congrats! York Region officially received the PACC -hosted social audit, Behind the Masks, to be used/sent to all municipalities for use as well as appropriate provincial bodies/ministers.”

(2) Here is an update to my previous blog Please Donate and/or Attend a Fundraiser for a Homeless Father and Son in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada:

  • Homeless father (Edward), son (Damien) –  Father Edward started work full time last Monday – through someone PACC places guys with occasionally not these non-existent newspaper written job offers (solar panel was courses not jobs , no phone #’s Tim Hortons owner, and rest were future job offers) –  and well over minimum wage as well!..He is elated to be part of life/society/community again, and”
  • “although his son still has no home – all offers for Damien were out of town (Newmarket his home) or temporary solutions, or would not sign rental agreement. Dad can now realistically rent an apartment (if available) so they can live there together like they want!..And from there hopefully lead a normal life again thanks to you all!”
  • “One of the 1st things he did was take son and friends ice-fishing, renting a hut and having good old bonding/fun made possible by generous readers.”
  • “They are also very grateful… and stay tuned for an event to say thanks to everyone!

“PACC Chair Tom Pearson and V.C.  Kristine Carbis, as well as YR (York Region) Food Network‘s Programs Coordinator Yvonne Kelly represented York Region at the provincial ‘Put the Food in the Budget’ (PFIB) campaign all day strategy session last Friday in Toronto.”

“The sessions looked at short and long-term next steps and also featured workshops including one by myself focusing on maximizing your media as well as other fine-tune strategic focused workshops.”

“Some “next steps” ideas  for PFIB seemed pre-approved – such as a campaign that would involve sending valentines to those politicians (primary – McGuinty etc, and secondary – provincial targets) directly related to the future upcoming elections that include a message on it.”

“This, like the ” eat the poverty diet” exercise that ” Do the Math” evolved to, have both been done before however there seemed some support for such a  “stunt”. Valentines anyone!?”

“Also discussed was the emergence of a new poverty reduction campaign, a Social Planning Network of Ontario (a supporter/booster of PFIB) initiative called Poverty Free Ontario, so stay tuned for more!…”

“Meantime enjoy this powerful pictorial laid to the music provided by fundraiser Seagully for the recent event. It is very powerful. Enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEEyOrVh6G8

Tom Pearson

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