International Feral Cat Awareness Day is about having compassion for feral cats which aredescendants of domesticated cats that have returned to the wild; and

  • they are distinguished from stray cats, which are pet cats that have been lost or abandoned;
  • while feral cats are born in the wild;
  • the offspring of a stray cat can be considered feral if born in the wild.

International Feral Cat Awareness Day in both Canada and US gives recognition to humane care for feral cats so that they should be able to live out their lives in their colonies as opposed to being trapped, killed or turned over to shelters.

To demonstrate compassion for feral cats, Toronto Animal Services is:

  • more than doubling the number of feral cats being spayed or neutered this week;
  • working hard to reduce the feral cat population in the city;
  • running its spay-neuter clinic adjacent to its east shelter for just over a year, where more than 500 cats have been sterilized; and
  • at this clinic, the spaying and neutering of Toronto’s feral cats take place.

You are invited to the following celebratory event:

International Feral Cat Awareness Day Event


Sunday, October 16
12 Noon – 5 P.M.

Toronto Humane Society,
11 River St.,
Ontario, Canada

The highlights of this International Feral Cat Awareness Day event include:

  • learn to socialize feral kittens,
  • build an over-wintering shelter,
  • care for a cat colony,
  • trap cats for spaying/neutering,
  • demonstrations,
  • discussions,
  • videos and
  • the opportunity to observe the clinic in operation.

Contact Info for the City of Toronto:

Phone within Toronto city limits: 311

Phone outside city limits: 416-392-CITY (2489)
(can be used within Toronto if you can’t reach 311)

TTY customers: 416-338-0TTY (0889)
Fax: 416-338-0685

If your matter is urgent, please call us. We are open 24/7.

Always call 911 for emergencies.

Happy International Feral Cat Awareness Day!

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