“Billions for Business, Pennies for the Poor”: Please Petition Premier McGuinty to Give a $100 Increase to Canadians’ OW and ODSP

One Paycheck Away  is a one-minute video depicting the growing gap between the rich and the ‘rest of us” in Canada, as shown here:

The following Put Food in the Budget editorial provides the update to my previous blog You’re Invited: Holiday Lunch Dec.19 + Urge Dalton McGuinty to Give a $100 Increase to OW and ODSP:

“Billions for Business,
Pennies for the Poor”

“Put Food in the Budget and the ODSP Action Coalition launched a holiday greeting card campaign to Dalton McGuinty on Monday December 19, less than a week before Christmas. Within 24 hours fifty people came to the website PutFoodinthe- Budget.ca and wrote personal messages to Premier McGuinty. You can read excerpts from their comments in this bulletin.

From Muskoka, Dan Blix submitted a poem, “Dreams Don’t Float,” which is reprinted here with his permission, along with a picture of a painting that he provided.

The campaign also received emails from staff in non-profit organizations who were inspired by the holiday greeting card. Three of those comments are reprinted here.

Several thousand people across Ontario have sent Premier McGuinty the message that raising social assistance rates is more important than providing tax cuts to corporations.

The Premier and Finance Minister Dwight Duncan have begun to talk about “postponing” the planned $4 billion corporate tax cut.

Our holiday campaign continues until Friday January 6—Epiphany in the Christian calendar….”

Mike Balkwill
Provincial Coordinator
Put Food in the Budget campaign

We stand together and Say:

Even though the holiday campaign has just ended, you can still help us urge the provincial government not to go ahead with this unnecessary and unfair tax cut.

Canadians living in deep poverty cannot afford to wait any longer to have a place to live and enough money to purchase healthy food.

The Put Food in the Budget campaign demands an immediate $100 increase to rates as a first step towards social assistance that matches the real cost of living and is indexed to keep up with inflation.

Help Premier McGuinty have “his own personal epiphany (a sudden insight): to see the wisdom of cancelling the corporate tax cut and raising social assistance rates” by signing the PUT FOOD IN THE BUDGET petition and please send this petition along to your friends, family members and colleagues.

At the present time of this blog posting, we have about 300 signatures.

10,000 signatures, however, are required to send a strong message to our provincial government.

Please click here to sign the Put Food in the Budget petition and help us reach 10,000 signatures.


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