Please Save Canada’s Jasper National Park Now!

The highlights of spectacular Jasper National Park in Canada include:

  • the Canadian Rockies: towering mountain ranges, icy blue lakes, dense forests, wolves and other wildlife
  • Jasper is the largest and most northerly Canadian rocky mountain national park
  • Jasper National Park is part of a spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • delicate and carefully protected ecosystems
  • Jasper National Park’s breathtaking scenery
  • you can thrill to the thunder of Athabasca Falls,
  • enjoy the serene beauty of Mount Edith Cavell,
  • connect with nature along more than 1,000 kilometres of trails,
  • tour the world-renowned Icefields Parkway
  • experience the Athabasca Glacier up close
  • a relaxing soak in Miette Hotsprings to recover from the endless activities and experiences you’ll discover in Jasper National Park

This video will show you why Jasper National Park is one of Canada’s natural treasures:

Here is an alert letter from the Avaaz team urging Canadians to sign the petition calling on Greg Fenton, Jasper National Park Superintendent, to stop the privatisation and commercial development of Jasper National Park:

  • At the time of this blog posting, 78,816 people have signed
  • Please help us get 100,000 signatures on the following petition to save Jasper National Park before it’s too late:

Dear friends across Canada,

Please Save Canada's Jasper National Park Now!
The Harper government could privatise a part of Jasper National Park — launching development in the pristine Rockies and a fee for use for many visitors. All to profit a US company. Click below to save the park and forward to everyone:

In days, the Harper Government could privatise a section of Jasper National Park and let an American-owned company blast a 300m metal walkway into our World Heritage mountains — but Jasper’s superintendent has the power to stop them.

The plan would not only spur development, but would give an American company the right to charge each of us for entry into parts of Jasper park. Greg Fenton, a local Jasperite, has the ability to stop the privatisation of the park he grew up in and loves — but the company’s massive lobbying effort means he will face brutal pressure to sell out this natural wonder. Let’s send him a tidal wave of support and give him the strength he needs to stand up to corporate power and save our Rocky Mountain sanctuary.

Private international companies should not be profiting off our national treasures. Click here to ensure our parks stay in public hands — sign the petition calling on Fenton to save Jasper National Park before it’s too late:

If approved, the 300m metal walkway over the world-famous Icefields Parkway will be built by Brewster Canada — a premium travel company that is an 80% owned subsidiary of the American-based company VIAD. Both are fully profit-driven companies that value their bottom line over the preservation of our natural heritage. Though the initial development project is small, this decision sets a dangerous precedent, allowing the government to sell off pieces of our most valuable and beautiful landscape.

VIAD and Brewster have hired expensive heavyweight lobbyists to win over the Harper Government and Jasper National Park. But our voices, brought together from across Canada, can drown out the dangerous message coming from these corporate lobbyists.

Our call only needs to reach Greg Fenton, the Park’s Superintendent and the person who has the final say on the approval of the project. With thousands of Canadians pounding on the door of Fenton’s office already, this is our chance to ensure that Jasper does not set a precedent allowing commercial operators to convert our National Parks into profit-making attractions.

Avaaz has fought hard to protect our natural environment by campaigning on climate change, whaling and protecting our oceans — now we can come together to save our parks from corporate ownership.

With hope,

Emma, Ari, Ricken, Morgan, Stephanie and the entire Avaaz team”


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