Please Urge Your Elected Canadian Officials to Support Ontario’s Renewable Energy

Here is an important letter from Environmental Defence asking Canadians in Ontario to urge their elected officials to support Ontario’s renewable energy:

Dear Ontarians,

Now is a critical time for the majority of Ontarians who support renewable energy to be heard.

Please send a message now urging your elected officials to support renewable energy in Ontario. The next few weeks are critical.

The Ontario legislature is currently considering a bill to restrict wind development.

The Feed-In-Tariff program is also in the middle of its two year review, potentially leading to major changes for the program. These changes must enhance and build on the FIT program, not take us backward.

A show of public support for renewable energy is needed. The jobs and economic activity being created by Ontario’s FIT program are not a given. In the first two years of the program, 20,000 new jobs have been created as over 4600MW of new wind, solar, bioenergy and small hydro projects are in the process of being built. Over 40,000 individuals have applied so far to put solar panels on their home, business, school, church, farm or community centre. If allowed to continue, we will create over 50,000 jobs by 2015 and leave a lasting legacy of cleaner and safer electricity for our future.

These policies need help from key supporters like you to become a reality.

 Click here to send a message to your elected officals


Adam Scott
Green Energy Program Manager
Environmental Defence
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