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  • Seniors’ New Year’s Resolution: Use Ontario’s Ten Tips to Avoid Scams

    This video explains the global “Grandparent Scam” in which scammers swindle seniors in many countries including United States, Japan, New Zealand and the U.K.: Seniors, make it a New Year’s resolution to be vigilant, and not be victims of scammers and fraudsters! Ontario, Canada, provides the following ten tips to help you as seniors to […]

  • Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety System Will Get Major Changes

    Thanks to the recommendations of the Expert Panel on Occupational Health and Safety, the following two acts have been amended and recently passed to increase protection for workers in Ontario, Canada: Occupational Health and Safety Act and Workplace Safety and Insurance Act. The Expert Panel – included representatives from labour, employers, and academia with workplace […]

  • Proposed Earlier Retirement At 60 for Salaried Firefighters of Ontario

    On March 10, 2011, a motion calling on the government to allow mandatory retirement at age 60 be applied only to salaried firefighters who respond to emergency calls. This motion was unanimously passed in the Legislature. What are the implications for Ontario’s salaried firefighters if the legislation is passed, allowing mandatory retirement at age 60?