This video shows a a prescribed burn being executed by Urban Forestry Services in order to restore and sustain the rare black oak woodlands and savannahs in High Park:

Today, Toronto in Ontario, Canada, will carry out the prescribed burn as follows:

  • It is expected that burning will begin by noon and last until about 2 p.m.
    • The exact time will depend on weather conditions.
  • Notices will be placed around the park advising users of restricted park access during the burn.
  • The burn will temporarily produce large amounts of smoke in the park and surrounding community.
    • Under ideal weather conditions, the smoke will lift and will not affect adjacent surrounding neighbourhoods.
    • It is possible, however, that weather conditions could change and some smoke from burning vegetation could reach residential areas near the park.
    • It is recommended that all residents close windows or leave the area at the time of the burn to avoid any potential sensitivity to poison ivy and smoke.
  • Prescribed burns have been safely executed in the past by the City’s Urban Forestry unit, and are part of the long-term management plan to protect and sustain Toronto’s rare black oak woodlands and savannahs in High Park, Lambton Park and South Humber Park.
    • These rare vegetation communities are at risk of extinction not only in Toronto but throughout North America.
    • In order to survive, they depend on periodic fires, which kill off competing vegetation, enrich the soil and promote growth and germination of rare savannah species.
  • A Fire Boss with extensive provincial fire fighting and prescribed burning experience has written the approved burn plan.
    • Fire Boss is an Ontario designation for a certified individual who has full responsibility for planning and carrying out the burn with a qualified crew.
    • City staff will assist with the burn, and Toronto Fire and Police Services will assist as needed.

During the months to follow, City staff, scientists and volunteers from the community will monitor and analyze the beneficial effects of the burn and implement additional site maintenance activities.

High Park's Prescribed Burn in Toronto: Planned Time is 12 Noon March 21, 2012

High Park's Prescribed Burn in Toronto: Planned Time is 12 Noon March 21, 2012


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