Please Stop Line 9 – Oil Spills in Toronto: Community Forums – Apr.7-8 & Telephone Town Hall Meeting – Apr.9, 2013

This video presents “Line 9: The Tar Sands Come to Ontario”:

  • Line 9 was built in 1975 to transport imported oil from Montreal to refineries in Sarnia
  • Enbridge has applied to Canada’s National Energy Board to reverse its direction of flow so that it can transport oil from Sarnia to Montreal
  • Enbridge admits that among the possible uses of Line 9 is transporting “heavy oil” a category that includes bitumen, the hazardous raw material extracted from tar sands
  • The pipeline passes through cities, watersheds, rivers, and farmland. 9.1 million people live within 50 km of line 9, including 18 First Nations communities and 115 communities in total. (Sarnia, Hamilton, North York, Kingston, etc.)
  • Enbridge has a very poor record of environmental impact:
    • Between 1999 and 2008, Enbridge lists 610 spills that released approximately 21 million litres of hydrocarbons into the surrounding area

    • But Enbridge is most well-known for their 3.8 million litre spill in Kalamazoo Michigan in 2010, amounting to the largest inland oil spill in US history

  • With so much at risk, we need to work together to stop Enbridge Line 9
  • The big picture is spills, contamination, and expanding the tar sands

  • The even bigger picture is climate change:

    • If it is not halted, climate change will and is resulting in increased frequency and severity of storms, floods, drought, and water shortage, as well as the spread of disease, increased hunger, displacement and mass migrations of people and ensuing social conflict and war

Environmental Defence's image: Stop line 9 Oil Spill in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Environmental Defence’s image: Stop line 9 Oil Spill in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Both the Toronto East End Against Line 9 and the Environmental Defence  inform us that:

“Enbridge Corp. wants to equip its “Line 9,” a pipeline running across Toronto, to carry tar sands oil (diluted bitumen or “dilbit”). Highly corrosive dilbit would be pumped through the 37-year-old pipe at high temperatures and pressures, with a high risk of spill.

Three years ago, dilbit pumped through another aged Enbridge pipe ruptured in Michigan , with devastating impact. The effects were lasting: escaped chemicals sickened residents, while tar continues to foul waterways.

A spill in Toronto could poison rivers that feed into our water supply.

Meanwhile, exploitation of the tar sands escalates climate change, posing a threat to all the world’s peoples.

Toronto City Council has spoken up. Councilors voted unanimously to demand information on Enbridge’s plans and intervene in regulatory hearings.

We need to speak up too. Make your view know to elected officials and join in spreading the word:  Stop Line 9!”

East and West Sides: April 7 – 8: No Tar Sands in Toronto – Stop Line 9!
Toronto East End Against Line 9


“Have you heard about Enbridge’s proposal to ship heavy crude oil, including more dangerous tar sands oil, through southern Ontario? This project that could put our communities, rivers and lakes, and drinking water at risk from a tar sands oil spill. When tar sands oil spills the effects can be devastating.

Enbridge’s aging Line 9 pipeline runs right across Ontario and crosses under every single Canadian river flowing into Lake Ontario. The pipeline runs through backyards, parks, under farms and next to schools. Even if you don’t live in Ontario, tar sands pipeline expansion is an issue that threatens the shared environment of all Canadians”

Stop Line 9 – Prevent an Oil Spill in Toronto: April 9 Telephone Town Hall Meeting
Environmental Defence

Here are some ways that you can  learn about the threat of Line 9 and what you can do to stop it:

  • East and West Sides: April 7 – 8: No Tar Sands in Toronto – Stop Line 9!

    • In 2010 oil giant Enbridge’s Line 6A burst in Michigan, spilling a million gallons

    • Now Enbridge wants to pump toxic tar sands through Line 9, which cuts through Toronto, threatening our city with a catastrophic oil spill

    • Please join the upcoming community forums on April 7’th and April 8’th

    • April 7 at 2:00pm EDT: Toronto East End Against Line 9

      • East Side Civic Center (wheelchair accessible)
        East Side – Sunday, April 7, 2 p.m.
        East York Civic Centre
        850 Coxwell Avenue at Mortimer, NW Corner
      • The East End Against Line 9 has invited three leading activists in the struggle against tar sands pipeline to present the issues

      • Ron Plain of Aamjiwnaang First Nation (Sarnia) has helped his people wage a 30-year struggle against the damaging effects of Line 9 and oil industry pollution

        • He faces a CN Rail legal suit resulting from Idle No More protests

      • Sabrina Bowman is climate campaign coordinator for Environmental Defence, which has aided residents across Ontario to voice concern over the Line 9 project

      • Ian Angus has written several books in defense of the world’s peoples against the effects of climate change and for swift action to bring it under control

      • For more info, please email:

    • Monday, April 8, 7:00 p.m.: The West End No Line 9

      • West Side / Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood and Health Community Center (wheelchair accessible)
        West Side-Monday, April 8, 7:00 p.m.
        Davenport-Perth Neighbourhood and Health Community Center
        1900 Davenport Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

        • Organized by West End No Line 9

        • Panel of speakers followed by discussion on the issues and on building our movement. Special guest: Ron Plain of Aamjiwnaang First Nation

        • For more info, please email:

      • Parking and wheelchair accessibility is available. Childcare needs will be met. If you have other special needs, please contact them

  • Environmental Defence invites you to join them for a FREE telephone town hall meeting on April 9th to learn more and ask questions about what this project means for your community:

    When: Tuesday, April 9, 2013, 7-8 p.m.
    How much: It’s FREE!
    Here’s how it works:

    • Sign-up now. We’ll give you a follow-up call as a reminder.

    • On April 9, we’ll call you at 7 p.m. Stay on the line to learn about Line 9.

    • Like a radio call-in show, you can ask questions, share opinions or just listen to the conversation.

    We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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